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cTrader Integrations

cTrader is an open and extensible online trading platform and is integrated with hundreds of other products and services.

cTrader Ecosystem

cTrader is a mature product that has a solid ecosystem of integrated third-party solutions making it quick and simple to deploy and connect with any existing business. All of the below integrations leverage cTrader’s open and extensible architecture using one of the many common and mainstream API protocols which are available. If there is a service you need and is not listed here, Spotware’s dedicated integration team will take care of this.


cTrader can be integrated with any CRM. This is a list contains some of the CRMs which are presently integrated with cTrader.


A Trader’s Room which handles registration, the onboarding process, offers payments and withdrawals functions to be integrated with a CRM.

Broker Hub

Broker Hub is a web-based system for brokers offering Client Portal (My Account Area), CRM, Analysis and Reporting tool, Payment Processing tool, Live Chat System, System for processing client applications and many more.


A CRM for Forex and CFD brokers. Manage trader accounts and marketing campaigns while providing BI reporting and task management functionalities.

LeanWork BrokerWork

A customized back office management system designed for forex brokers and seamlessly integrated with cTrader.

Match-Trade Technologies

Match-Trade Technologies is an FX and Crypto technology provider that offers cTrader White Label solution completed with its integrated Client Office expanded with CRM feature, crypto payment gateway and ultra-fast data feeds.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The popular CRM and ERP solution from Microsoft is integrated with cTrader to help brokers manage their business.

NybbleTech Forex CRM

A Forex specific CRM that enables brokers to monitor sales, manage marketing campaigns and provide a cTrader integrated trader’s room to their clients.


The world’s largest CRM and business solutions provider SalesForce is integrated with cTrader giving access to a huge number of solutions.


SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution on the market.


An innovative, cloud-based solution for startup and existing brokers that helps you operate and manage your brokerage.


The popular CRM and ERP solution from Microsoft is integrated with cTrader to help brokers manage their business.

Liquidity Aggregators

cTrader uses the industry standard FIX Protocol this allows the platform to be easily integrated with any aggregator and order management system. This is of solutions already integrated. New integrations are performed upon request.

Centroid Solutions

Centroid Solutions offer variety of essential solutions for forex brokers. Centroid specialize in risk-management, regulatory reporting, hosting and liquidity aggregation solutions.


Currenex is a technology provider offering high-performance technology and deep pools of liquidity for anonymous and disclosed trade execution.


FlexTrade is a broker-neutral, execution and order management trading systems for equities, FX, options, futures and fixed income securities.


FXCubic is a low latency and high-performance trading technology provider for institutional and retail brokers to take full advantage of the liquidity providers connected to its technology.


Integral’s MarginFX is an aggregation solution which includes all major features required to operate a global, multi-level, competitive margin FX business out of the box.

Match-Trade Technologies

Match-Trade Technologies is an FX and Crypto technology provider that guarantees seamless integration with any Liquidity Provider with the highest quality service and a relatively low entry threshold.


oneZero’s Liquidity Hub software aggregates liquidity feeds from several liquidity providers and streams it directly into cTrader using FIX API.

Prime XM

PrimeXM XCore aggregation technology is a modular and scalable solution integrated with cTrader to facilitate connectivity to a range of FX service providers.


smartTrade’s LiquidityFX is a trading system for FX Spot, Forwards, Swaps, NDFs, CFDs and Precious Metals built on their proven liquidity management platform.

Liquidity Providers

cTrader, the first out-of-the-box STP trading platform is integrated with a wide range of industry-leading liquidity providers.

Advanced Markets

Advanced Markets offer customizable, wholesale liquidity, technology, and credit solutions enable brokers to offer clients institutional-quality, low latency trading environments.


Charterprime offers international award winning tailored liquidity services with 24/5 dealing, technical and feed support.

FX Edge

FX-EDGE is an ECN no last look liquidity solution provider for small and medium sized institutional clients and Prime Brokerage services.

FXOpen Prime

FXOpen Prime offers to its clients access to a unique Electronic Communication Network for foreign exchange, precious metal and bitcoin trading.

GAIN Capital

GAIN Capital offers a range of liquidity and technology solutions to grow your FX and CFD brokerage and help make it more profitable.


Invast specialises in providing institutional clients with superior, cost-effective access to an extensive range of global exchanges, trading venues and OTC markets.

LCG Institutional Liquidity

LCG provides bespoke institutional liquidity solutions for brokers to access over 7,000 instruments via FIX API.


LMAX Exchange offers precise, consistent and reliable execution for FX trading, underpinned by market liquidity from top tier banks and institutional market-makers.

PhillipCapital UK

PhillipCapital UK offers a bespoke liquidity solution for brokers, corporates and professionals. The PhillipCapital network spans 16 countries and has been a key player in the global markets for over 41 years.

Saxo Markets

Saxo Markets is the Institutional Division of Saxo Bank Group which provides multi-asset execution and prime brokerage services.

Sucden Financial

Sucden Financial provide access to exchange and OTC traded financial and commodity futures and options, equities, foreign exchange and bullion.


Swissquote Bank Prime is an all-inclusive solution for brokers and financial institutions to access a customizable aggregated stream of 17 Tier1 bank and non-bank liquidity providers.


TopFX provides premium liquidity solutions for firms seeking confident entry into an increasingly competitive FX market, and for existing firms looking to enhance traditional prime brokerage capabilities.

TradeTech Alpha

TradeTech Alpha specialises in providing B2B solutions to the financial industry covering liquidity and risk management.

Tradeview Prime

Tradeview Prime offers top-tier liquidity for hedge funds, high-frequency traders, corporates, and CTAs, delivering a transparent environment for all market participants in global FX trading.

Data Providers

cTrader is integrated with a variety of data providers who can add value to cTrader users inside of the trading platform, these include news feed providers, economic calendars, trading signals and charting services.


Autochartist is a powerful pattern recognition tool that simplifies Technical Analysis for traders by identifying 100’s of trading opportunities and easily accessible from inside cTrader.

FxWire Pro

A leading financial analysis company providing real-time research to FX and cryptocurrency participants around the world.

Digital Look

A financial media and technology company which provides a suite of financial information solutions including real-time investor data, breaking news and advanced trading tools.

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Newswires delivers comprehensive global business insights, rolling market commentary and expert analysis. From cTrader your clients get a direct line to the newsroom that powers the world’s most heralded business publications.

FX Street

FX Street’s industry leading news and economic calendar data is streamed inside the cTrader platform delivering credible news from one of the most popular publications for retail investors.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters News & Insight API service delivers actionable information your clients can trust that enables financial investors to make more intelligent trading and investment decisions.


An independent research firm with a global presence providing bespoke technical analysis via API to leading buy-side firms and trading platforms.

Trading Central

A leading provider of technical financial analysis. Trading Central has a proven track record in delivering high-quality, accurate assessments of the financial markets and is available as a fully actionable feature inside cTrader.

User Engagement & Analytics

cTrader is integrated with a number of services which provide rich analytics on campaign performance, user acquisition, engagement and client on-boarding.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is integrated with cTrader to provide rich analytical insight into campaign effectiveness by measuring conversion and onboarding performance.


Mobile App Tracking & Attribution Analytics platform that helps App-Developers and Brands to track and optimize their users’ acquisition funnel and be used with cTrader mobile apps.


Tapaas accumulates a comprehensive time series database of trades and quotes that can be used to analyse client trading behaviour and predict those future trades that are better to STP rather than warehouse.


LivePerson is a leading customer chat service integrated with cTrader to provide a live customer chat feature inside of the trading platform.

cTrader Connect API

cTrader Open API allows third party solution providers to integrate their services with cTrader and take advantage of the extended features offered by the platform.


MyFxBook is an online automated analytical tool for your forex trading account and a social forex community. It allows sharing trading results with other traders. Myfxbook integrates fully with cTrader using cTrader’s Connect API.

Signal Start

Signal Start is a signal service that allows traders to send trading signals and followers to receive such signals. Through cTrader’s Connect API traders with cTrader accounts can use the signal service of Signal Start.

FXBlue Live

FX Blue Live is a cTrader integrated free web-based service for analyzing and publishing trading results. Traders can connect to the FXBlue service using their cTrader account, publish their trades and analyze their results.

Trade Copier by Duplikium

Duplikium’s Trade Copier is a service that can copy trades from one trading account to another. It can be used to copy trades across different trading platforms and different technologies. cTrader users can use Trade Copier to copy trades between their accounts across different brokers and platforms.


Quantower is a multi-asset, broker-neutral trading platform with a wide set of functionalities to assist traders in making confident trading decisions


BetterTrader utilizes AI to provide the most comprehensive data and analysis available for Economic Calendars and pairs that with Back-Tested Trade Ideas, helping you achieve better conversion and engagement rates.