About smartTrade Integration

With over 19 years of industry experience and counting, smartTrade understands the modern-day challenges of every broker. With enhanced regulation and lack of liquidity, many companies are finding it hard to give traders what they are looking for. This is why smartTrade’s system is one of the top-picked solutions by so many intermediaries on the FX spot, forwards, swaps, NDFs, CFDs and precious metals arena.


Access to over 75 ultra-low latency, market-taking connectors, to banks, exchanges and ECNs

Advanced pricing engine for liquidity streams and tiers creation - from trader and client mark-ups to automatic RFQ pricing, and synthetic instrument creation

Comprehensive reporting suite, including a transaction cost and performance analysis

Ultra-low latency connection to some of the richest liquidity provider databases

Flexible GUI (Graphic User Interface) and API to normalize liquidity views, manage algos, reduce costs and protect liquidity provider relationships

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