About Shared Access

Shared Access gives cTrader users the opportunity to delegate trading to account managers and professional traders. Access can be revoked by the owner of the trading account at any time. Similarly, the manager can reject access whenever necessary. When managing a shared account, it is impossible to follow a cTrader Copy strategy or make deposits and withdrawals. As a result, the owner retains control of their account and can trust their manager.


Ease of Use

To share an account, all you need is an email or a cTrader ID of the person to whom you would like to provide access.

Guarantee of Security

Both owner and manager can revoke or reject access at any time.

Full Transparency

With Shared Access, both parties can see detailed trade statistics (such as deal or position reports) of each other’s actions.

Protection of Owner’s Funds

Managers of shared accounts cannot deposit or withdraw funds on behalf of the account owner.

Algo Trading Support

Managers of shared accounts can use cBots and custom indicators for trading.

Cross-platform Availability

Shared Access can be used in all cTrader applications including Desktop, Mobile, and Web. Therefore, owners can track the actions of their shared account managers on the go.

Easy to Share

On Desktop/Web

1. Go to Settings.

2. Choose the “Shared Access” tab.

3. Enter an email or a cTrader ID of your manager and press “Share Access”.

On Mobile

1. Open the main hamburger menu and choose “Manage Trading Accounts”.

2. Choose an account and press “Share Access”.

3. Enter an email or a cTrader ID of your manager and tap “Share Access”.


Professional traders can benefit from Shared Access even more when it is used in combination with other partner-oriented features offered by cTrader.

Account managers can use Chart Streams to cement their reputation as highly qualified traders, leading to an increase in the number of accounts shared with them.

Educators can request access to demo accounts to showcase how certain manual trading strategies are executed.

Algo service providers can build large networks of shared accounts in which all trading is done by cBots.