Build Your Own Trading Solution

Traders can use our tools to create custom applications acting as tailor-made trading terminals. Brokers, in turn, can design custom back office suites for managing trading conditions in the most convenient way possible.

Spotware provides Open API and FIX API solutions that allow for easy and reliable operations regardless of one’s goal. Our SSO (OAuth) flows enable delivering fully branded cTrader applications in which brokers can customize various aspects of key user flows.

Pepperstone uses the cTrader Open API to allow its clients to trade via TradingView.

Skilling has leveraged the cTrader Open API to build several custom trading applications.

Request a Feature

We are always open to requests to develop new features - these requests can be posted both by traders and brokers. Without charging any additional fees, we eagerly include high-demand features in our product development roadmap.

Examples of highly requested features that we have developed at the request of our community include the following.

Being able to charge swaps several times a day.

The ability to give out credits to traders.

Grace periods for swaps.

Backtesting on Renko and Range charts.

Work with Your Liquidity Provider

We are always open for integration with any liquidity provider you may prefer - at no extra charge! cTrader is already integrated with 50+ liquidity providers but we are always on stand by to extend this list even further.

Liquidity Providers:

1. Liquidity provider №1

2. Liquidity provider №2

3. ...

4. Your liquidity provider

Let’s Chat

Spotware’s service assurance and account management teams are always available via the usual communication channels including messengers. All our clients and end-users can freely chat with product managers, the head of product, the CEO, and other team members.

Here are just some of the channels you can use to talk to cTrader about cTrader.

The official cTrader Telegram group.
Dedicated channels for brokers.
Unique instant messenger groups for each broker.

Extensive Documentation

To help with the integration of our Open API, FIX API, and SSO (OAuth) solutions, Spotware offers extensive documentation available in the cTrader Help Center and the Spotware Documentation Center. Our ‘how to?’ guides and technical documentation cover the general provisions required for integration as well as various use cases and integration examples.