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 Awards and Recognition 
Winner FX-Week e-FX Awards 2013 - Best retail platform FXSTREET - Forex person of the year 2012 by FXSTREET ISAE - Certified Type II ISO Certification
 Latest News 
05.07.2017 | Press Release: Spotware Systems announces Stop Limit Order for cTrader.
Limassol, Cyprus – July 4th, 2017 Spotware Systems announce that they have added a new order type to their cTrader platform. This new order type is a Stop Limit Order, it has been added to desktop, web, iOS and Android versions of the... Read more
22.05.2017 | What's New cTrader Windows & Web for May 2017
What’s New cTrader Windows - 2.01 Symbol Finder Click Behavior Now you can choose different actions for what happens when you click, double click, and drag a symbol out of the Market Watch. Right click on any symbol to discover the new options... Read more
22.05.2017 | Press Release - cTrader Update for Windows and Web
Limassol, Cyprus – May 22nd, 2017 Spotware Systems announce delivery of cTrader version 2.01 for Windows. The new build has been delivered to all cTrader brokers and the update will automatically initiate next time the platform is launched by... Read more
20.03.2017 | Press Release: cTrader Announces New French Accounts
Limassol, Cyprus - March 20th, 2017 Spotware Systems announce upcoming support for a new AMF Compliant Account type. This will be made available following the release of their next version of cServer. cTrader is the first White Label trading... Read more
13.02.2017 | Press Release: cTrader Supports FIX API Trading with Hedging Accounts
Limassol, Cyprus - February 13th, 2017 Spotware Systems announce with their recent update, trading with hedging accounts via FIX API is now fully supported and details can be found in their updated Rules of Engagement. The scope of cTrader’s... Read more
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 Spotware widgets 

Market Watch

Embeddable widget for your website showing depth of market, bid and ask prices, high and low and spread values for one or all symbols.

To customize and embed a Spotware branded widget, visit
 Industry leaders on cTrader 
We're delighted to collaborate with a company that places as much importance as we do on fast, deep and transparent liquidity. cTrader users will be the ultimate beneficiary of the work that we do together to provide leading liquidity solutions through the platform.
Alex Knight,
Global Head of FX Margin Trading at Citi
It's great to see the growing popularity of the new cTrader platform across both traders and a growing number of well established brokers.
Michael Greenberg,
CEO ForexMagnates
cTrader takes a further step toward transparency in the market creation process. The functions it offers makes it more versatile than other existing trading platforms by providing proper execution practices such as authentic limit order execution and partial fills.
Francesc Riverola,
President and Founder,
No need for 'price feeds' because executable liquidity from banks, ECNs and from other LPs is aggregated and delivered to traders.
No need for dealers because there are no re-quotes, no 'accept' and 'reject' buttons to press, and no price improvements to 'manage'.
No need for bridges, plugins or 3rd party software because orders are routed directly from traders to the market over FIX.
 Liberating Developers 
Developers can breathe out. Use an IDE like Visual Studio to write robots and indicators for a platform that's based on market standards.
 Liberating Traders 
Traders are safe. They're part of the global FX market with cTrader. And unlike other platforms, there's no risk of interference with your trading.
 Liberating Brokers 
cTrader gives brokers a valid choice, it opens horizons, boosts profitability, adds credibility. And it restores the industry's positive name.
 Aligned Interests 
cTrader allows brokers and traders to succeed together by eliminating the conflict of interest inherent in other platforms.
 Longer LTV 
Lifetime value of your customers grows with cTrader, bringing marketing expenditure down and customer retention up.
 Larger Volumes 
cTrader clients deposit larger amounts, open larger ticket sizes, trade more frequently, and stay with their brokers for longer.
 Better Business Model 
Eliminate your risk book, enjoy larger predictable revenues and minimize volatility-dependence with cTrader.
 Larger Market 
Retail spot FX is only around 1/5 of the global spot FX daily volume. With cTrader brokers can tap into the larger global market.
 Better TCO 
Cost of ownership is up to 80% less because there is no new capex, no new hardware or software, and no new staff to employ.
cTrader is a Platform-as-a-Service solution. No capex is required on the broker's part - no hardware or software investment is needed.
 IBM Cloud 
Our hardware is a cluster-based, fully-redundant, ultra-scalable state of the art cloud solution supplied by IBM, Cisco and VMWare.
 Tier III+ Data Center 
Hosted in London LD5 with all major market participants. Direct cross-fiber connections to LPs ensure lowest latency possible.
 FPL Member 
FIX Protocol is the industry messaging standard for the real-time exchange of transactions. We are a full contributing member of FPL.
 Top Brokers 
Top global brokers use cTrader and cAlgo worldwide to succeed by growing together with their clients.
 Global Regulatory Presence 
cTrader and cAlgo are operating under multiple regulatory environments from ASIC in Australia to FCA in the UK.
 Less Volatility-Dependence 
With cTrader broker revenues depend more on trading volumes and spread markups, and less on market conditions.
 Less Advertising-Dependence 
cTrader allows brokers to shift focus from customer acquisition to customer retention, heavily impacting advertising budgets.
 Less Capital-Dependence 
Significantly less capital can be locked because a Reception & Transmission license is sufficient to operate cTrader.
 cTrader Developer’s Network (cTDN) 
Download Robots and Indicators, read the cTrader blog, access documentation and API reference, and much more.
 cTDN Forums 
Developers can get in touch with us and the cTrader community on the cTDN forums for help, support and collaboration.
 20+ Programming Languages 
cAlgo uses the .NET framework, supporting simplified development efforts and full usage of the .NET Class Library.
 Proxy Cloud 
Last mile latency is tackled by automatically connecting clients to the best available node out of a range of geo-dispersed proxies.
 Proprietary Protocols 
Trade data, live spot and DoM data, and historic data are delivered to cTrader and cAlgo over our own ultra-low-latency protocol.
 Bandwidth Control 
Subscription-based quotes, multicast technology and asynchronous order processing are used to ensure trading availability.
 ISO 27001 
International best practice standard for an Information Security Management System, implemented under the guidance of Deloitte.
 ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70) by Deloitte 
The globally accepted standard for assurance reporting on controls and their effectiveness for service organizations.
 95/46/EC Directive 
cTrader is governed by the 95/46/EC Directive which enforces strict guidelines on processing personal data.
Set different volumes to see the expected VWAP as well as the expected spread. Great for those who trade larger tickets.
 Standard DoM 
See aggregated quotes coming directly from the liquidity providers. Perfect for observing market depth and market dynamics.
 Price DoM 
Executable ladder Depth of Market, which is a trading platform on its own. Ideal for precision scalping and fast entry / exit.
 Desktop Screens 
cTrader is available on your desktop as a Windows app. And cTrader Web runs in your browser on Mac OS and all other OSs.
 Mobile Screens 
cTrader Mobile Web offers the same great functionality from your browser on iOS and Android. Try it out at
 Tablet Screens 
cTrader Mobile Web offers a tablet-tailored layout with the functionality of desktop, and the portability of mobile.
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