About the WebServices API

The WebServices API is a service with several endpoints that you can use to manage traders, traders’ balances, bonuses, and credit levels, and related user entities. Use it to create custom HTTP-based systems for interfacing with the cTrader backend or integrate your existing products with our trading servers.

Here is a brief list of what you can do with WebServices API.

Create new trading accounts and users.

Attribute traders to partners.

Manage the settings (e.g. the deposit currency) of traders who are already registered.

Deposit or withdraw funds/bonus/credit to and from your traders.

Transfer traders between White Labels/jurisdictions.

Get historical trades and currently open positions.

How the WebServices API Works

The WebServices API functions just like any other REST API. You can send HTTP requests to predefined endpoints. Successful requests generate responses that you can use in your own backend solutions. For example, after requesting the cTrader backend to create a new user, you should receive a response containing all the required parameters describing this user.
The WebServices API accepts both JSON and XML as content types.

The WebServices API is available to any Spotware client that has received access to cBroker. After sending a request containing your cBroker credentials, you will receive a token that you should append to all future requests to authenticate you. All requests must be made from whitelisted IPs to ensure safety.

Permissions in the WebServices API

As the WebServices API uses cBroker credentials for authentication, the cTrader backend can automatically recognise the manager who is attempting to perform a request. Our flexible managerial access rights system is in full effect: managers only have access to the traders and White Labels that they are supposed to oversee.

This functionality confers several major benefits to White Label resellers as well as brokers with several jurisdictions.

Decreased operational risk

Increased flexibility when setting up API access

Full control over the results of API integration

Secure creation of new White Labels and jurisdictions


The Spotware Documentation Center includes extensive documentation covering all major aspects of using the WebServices API, including the endpoints this service exposes, authentication provisions and common use cases.

The documentation is regularly updated to match the latest improvements to the WebServices API, allowing you to make your integration with the cTrader backend even smoother.