About cTrader Invite

Invite is not just an app in cTrader, it is a whole toolkit for partners to attract and convert new referrals. This set of tools streamlines the conversion of potential traders by enhancing their loyalty to partners.

All links shared from the cTrader platform, including those leading to the platform itself, orders and positions, copy strategies, price alerts, Chart Streams, symbols or cBots, already include an attribution parameter. This parameter is connected to partners' accounts, simplifying the tracking of performance metrics. Partners can use personal profiles as promo pages to advertise their trading services and interact with users.

New invited traders will become partner’s referrals after registration on a broker’s website thanks to the attribution parameter in links.

cTrader Invite for Partners

If you are a broker’s partner looking to level up your conversions and retain long-term traders, the cTrader Invite toolkit makes it easier and more efficient for you to convert your potential traders into referrals, increase and keep up their engagement, show your trading-related services and turn referrals into your loyal traders. This entire process begins with sharing a simple link or QR code.

Benefits for Partners


cTrader provides all users with new attribution invite links so they can share anything from the simple link leading to the cTrader platform and to the links for the specific products. This allows users to attract new traders and engage them with trading services such as copy strategies, signal links, trading algorithms and Chart Streams. Additionally, cTrader Invite creates a personal profile page for every user, complete with their trading statistics, contact information and provided services. This profile can be used as a free promo page that showcases who you are, your achievements and offers, as well as the benefits invited traders can gain from partnering with you. By personalising your profile and showcasing your services, you capture the interest of your referrals and foster their trust.


With its automated and transparent attribution process, cTrader Invite streamlines the task of tracking the performance of your shared links. Every link that you share from the cTrader platform incorporates your username so cTrader can easily identify who invited a new trader. You can access statistics showing the number of traders you have invited and information about the links they clicked on from the ones you shared. When an invited trader decides to open a trading account, they are redirected to the broker’s website via your broker attribution link to finalise the referral creation process.


Once you have gained your referrals’ trust, cTrader Invite facilitates a smooth conversion from the first click to the first live trade. cTrader’s diverse range of tools leads the invited traders through the acquisition funnel; thus, new referrals feel supported, guided and more motivated to complete their registration and start trading. With just two clicks, your invited traders can contact you directly and receive your help and guidance. And this brings us to retention…


After successfully converting your potential traders to invited ones, you can keep their interest and loyalty by updating your partner profile page with new products, sharing your own and favourite copy strategies, trading signal links, algorithms and Chart Streams. cTrader’s various internal tools and robust ecosystem will help maintain their interest in your services, fostering long-term trading relationships. As a result, this will help you to expand your own user base.

Personal Profile Page

cTrader Invite for New Traders

Starting out as a new trader can be intimidating and overwhelming even for the most tech-savvy individuals. You are, after all, investigating new ways to invest and maximise your financial growth. cTrader Invite simplifies the entire process by helping you connect with an experienced and knowledgeable partner who can offer support, valuable tips and exclusive access to their proven and tested trading services and copy strategies.

Benefits for New Traders

Mentorship and support.

Having someone to address all your questions and guide you through the whole trading process, from registration and the initial steps to live trading, is an enormous weight off your shoulders. And once you are ready to trade, your cTrader partner will assist you on getting started and suggest trading instruments for you to explore first. They will support you until you feel confident enough to test out more complicated financial products.

Exclusive access to partner’s products.

Through cTrader Invite, you have exclusive access to your partner’s tools such as copy strategies, trading algorithms, forex signal links and Chart Streams. You will be the first to know when your partner launches a new product and will receive guidance to address any questions you may have regarding the usage of each product.

Products recommended by a partner.

With a multitude of choices available for trading signals, copy strategies, algorithms and Chart Streams, having a reliable partner to mentor you and recommend their proven and tested tools can make trading less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

Time-saving insights.

By connecting with a trusted and experienced partner, you save valuable time. As a beginner trader, conducting extensive research on various tools such as copy strategies, forex signals, trading algorithms, etc. is necessary to determine what works best for you. A cTrader partner can help you to reduce this time by providing valuable insights, tips and sharing their experience from their past mistakes and successes.

Invite App in cTrader

When accessing the cTrader Invite app, partners can view a list of all the attributed traders and links that were clicked on, manage the attribution settings and keep their personal profile page updated with new tools and tips for their invited traders.

Likewise, new traders who access the cTrader Invite app can view their partner's profile, see their partner’s copy strategies and other offered products, reach out through the communication channels and receive guidance on their trades.

In the Invite app you can find:

  • your partner (if you were invited)
  • your invite link
  • your invited traders
  • statistics of your shared links and traders who followed them
  • attribution settings
  • a link to your profile page.

How to Start

cTrader Invite makes it easy for you as a partner to start. All you need to do is:

- start sharing links from cTrader with your audience. Every link, whether it is a simple link leading to the platform or a link to a copy strategy, order, Chart Stream, etc., will incorporate your username and attribute new traders to you.

- fill in your profile page by adding some information about you and showcasing your own and favourite copy strategies, forex signal links, Chart Streams and other tools.

The more you share and enhance your profile, the greater engagement and trust you build, converting potential traders into your invited traders and eventually long-term traders. Then, watch your referral base grow.