About Chart Streams

Chart Stream is a feature tailored to educators and professional traders who regularly share technical analysis and market knowledge. Chart Streams allow for broadcasting charts and technical analysis placed on these charts (e.g. lines or text) without the use of third-party software. Users can share Chart Streams via a simple link: any user who clicks on this link will see the Chart Stream appear in their cTrader Web workspace. Users can watch a Chart Stream in guest mode or as registered users.

Trading educators and strategy providers can grow their follower base by showcasing their skills. Their audience gets to benefit from a more detailed technical analysis education and the formation of stronger ties with their mentors. Watchers see the Chart Stream inside the live platform interface with total immersion into the trading process. They can also copy the chart with technical analysis from the Stream, open and edit it in a new window.


Education Tool

Show your audience how to perform technical analysis in a live environment.

Acquisition Tool

Demonstrate your skills in real time to convince them to follow your copy strategy or signal links.

Available for All

Users do not need to be registered in cTrader to watch Chart Streams. Self-sustainable. No need for a constant presence of the provider. Chart Stream continues 24/7 until you stop it.


No need for a constant presence of the provider. Chart Stream continues 24/7 until you stop it.


Watchers can copy your chart with technical analysis to a new window and edit it.

Real-time Statistics

A Chart Stream provider can see the number of active sessions and all sessions of every Chart Stream.

Available Tools










Voice (coming soon)

How to Start a Chart Stream

1. Open the cTrader Web app.

2. Click the broadcast icon in a chart header.

3. Write a title and start your Stream.

4. Copy the link and share it with your audience.

A Stream provider does not need to be online all the time. The Stream will continue even if they close the browser and turn off their laptop. This way, the Stream is available any time and for anyone who has the link. To end your Stream, click the stop icon or just close the chart window.