About Integral Integration

No matter how profitable and exciting the FX business, hardly anyone can deny that recent years have made it uneasy for brokerages. As spreads and regulations tighten, liquidity becomes fragmented, and traders grow more and more demanding -keeping up, let alone staying on top, becomes a challenge. This is where Integral’s MarginFX gives a helping hand with an aggregation solution, including all major features required to operate a global, multi-level FX business.


An entirely customizable system design - from liquidity sources to customer price streams, front-end trading systems and risk management models-for a broker’s winning solution

Customizable market-leading liquidity option for a diverse client base with FX pricing engine software

Fully integrated with the OCX (Open Currency Exchange), liquidity for forex, energy, metals, CFDs - you name it. A connection with all major liquidity providers, as well as multiple liquidity pools’ configuration, and an option of credit-intermediated liquidity for the broader market, had proved as a valuable cost-reduction method and a competitive advantage for the margin business of numerous brokers

Risks under constant watch with FX Yield Manager ?-the risk management system that automates, manages and monitors risk and yield of the most complex businesses, defining risk warehouses, hedging strategies and risk tolerance for the top revenue, profit and yield maximization

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