About Dow Jones Newswires Integration

From The Wall Street Journal to Barron’s, Dow Jones Newswires is the key stream of global business insights, rolling market commentary and expert analysis. Fully integrable with your trading platform, it’s your clients’ direct line to a reputable newsgathering legacy of over 130 years, with definition in supreme speed and accuracy. No more browsing of irrelevant news in search of a few useful insights for a trading portfolio – now all the information is directly available to traders right on their platform.


Desktop Streams for the perfect integration of Dow Jones news’ and events’ data. A deep and exclusive coverage of central banks and macroeconomics; mergers and acquisitions; finance and markets

A news-streaming dashboard for easy navigation and lightning-quick updates

Text feed and archive for those who wish to incorporate news into strategies for trading, asset allocation and market-risk models in a quantitative-oriented dataset format

Ability to leverage the power of Dow Jones’ premium brands’ suite and attract an ambitious global audience to your brokerage through integrated Dow Jones content, packed with useful insights

Live calendar option to keep track of upcoming market events, encompassing a total of over 1,000 economic events, 58 countries and 12.000 companies. Entirely user-friendly and trading portal/website integrable

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