About MyFxBook Integration

My FxBook is an online automated analytical tool for forex trading accounts and social forex communities. With a current support of over 100 brokers and counting, it enables you to track, compare, analyze and share your activity with other traders for more useful knowledge, insights and experiences. Collaboration and fresh ideas’ distribution with a direct connection to your trading account - this is the perfect symbiosis for the industry.


Advanced statistics to analyze an account and understand personal trading habits in a single mouse click

Ability to build several systems at once and track them all in one easy-to-use portfolio

Personal dashboard with an all-you-need-to-know to start your trading day - from economic calendar to market news and stats, as well as recent community discussions

Chance to gain useful insights from fellow traders by tracking their systems and engaging in professional discussions

Choice to become a role model for other traders. All it takes is results’ provision, and yields, drawdowns, and any other specifics will be calculated automatically

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