About oneZero Integration

oneZero’s liquidity hub software works by aggregating liquidity feeds from several liquidity providers and streaming them directly into the platform, using a FIX API. Priding themselves in impeccable integration and reliable performance at all times, oneZero inspires broker dealers and market makers to effectively compete across the global foreign exchange, commodities and futures markets.


Ability to choose from proven multi-asset liquidity providers, or create your own customized liquidity pool

Web-based GUI (graphic user interface) and REST (Representational State Transfer) API, to ensure real-time changes with no server restarts, for direct management of spreads, warehousing, risk and auto-hedge trades

Full, error-free integration, with some of the most popular retail and front-end platforms

Configurable spreads and easy automatic switches from primary to back-up liquidity providers

Complete flexibility of operation


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