About LivePerson Integration

Messaging is one of customers’ very preferred methods of brand communication, and LivePerson understands it. This is why they came up with an ultra-integrable messaging service, which takes place right in your business app. Friendly user interface, no extra software, and an experience alike users’ favorite messaging apps - from read receipts to typing indicators, pictures, message notifications and more.


Non-intrusive communication method that customers adore

Customer experience improvement by a trading-platform-integrated software that looks and feels exactly like their favorite messenger app

Customer frustration elimination through messenger-like notifications - meaning no timed sessions, website logins or waiting on hold

Full message history synchronization across all devices

An infrastructure, able to support up to 2.5 billion visits and 1.4 million concurrent connections globally on a monthly basis

Customized customer service, where each client is directed to the best team, bot or agent, based on their needs

Minimized staff training and attrition, customer satisfaction boost, and building of brand relationships that last

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