About TradeCore Integration

Trade Core’s innovative, cloud-based solution for startup and existing brokers, helps operate and vastly expand a brokerage, even when going from a starting point of zero. Growing networks, optimizing workflows, and nurturing customer relationships from lead to conversion has never been easier. And a down-to-earth, easy-to-operate interface – integrable with numerous trading platforms, makes TradeCore one of the most hassle-free intermediary management solutions in the industry.


Unified back office and CRM, to keep all customer information convenient and secure in one activity stream

Bonus opportunities for a higher degree of trader and broker satisfaction

Client registration and verification made easy with an advanced system, allowing for automatic or manual verification within minutes

Multiple trading platform integrations and payment providers available for both, brokers’ and traders’ ease-of-use

Customized marketing campaigns creation on-the-spot, with an additional perk of easy client segmentation and targeted content management

Analytics and reporting advanced with transaction and communication histories, as well as one-click generatable reports

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