About CharterPrime Integration

CharterPrime had long focused on developing and evolving their liquidity solutions to respond to the needs of the financial industry, and today they let their numerous awards speak for themselves. Named as “The Best Liquidity Provider” for three consecutive years, as awarded by the Shanghai Forex Expo - the yearly assembly of the industry’s largest major players - they focus on more than just liquidity provision. For them it’s the all-inclusive, straightforward and customizable approach to customer satisfaction.


Strong liquidity partnerships, cemented by years of excellence and a high-end team of liquidity experts, providing top-tier service to brokers, hedge funds and traders

A liquidity coverage on all trading areas - from OTC spot FX and metals to CFDs

No single price feeds - a ‘best interests’ approach for bespoke solutions to fit the needs of each and every client

A convenient and easy-to-use interface, to complete all your liquidity arrangements in a matter of clicks

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