About GAIN Capital Integration

Offering deep liquidity and technology solutions in thousands of OTC and exchange-traded markets, GAIN Capital is one of the first names that comes to mind on the matter of FX, CFD brokerage growth and profitability. Be it improving liquidity access, or broadening your traders’ profit offering - GAIN Capital is there with an access to pricing of over 12,500 FX, CFD, spread bet, and options, through a trading account or API, saving you the time, cost and effort of aggregating multiple liquidity providers in the chase for tighter pricing.


Access to over 8,000 CFD, FX & option markets

Tight spreads

Competitive margins

Out-of-hours trading options

Wide range of order types

Real-time audit report trails of trading activities

FIX and API connection for price connectivity to algo and third-party platforms

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