Tips for Startup Brokers: Ready to start your own brokerage?

Jun 12, 2020

Our final article of the “Tips for startup brokers” series serves to wrap up everything you have learnt about starting your own brokerage. It has been an interesting journey, where we have looked into the main elements to a brokerage, followed by platform and liquidity provider choice, CRM and PSP selection, as well as the process of launching your own website.

1. Key elements to your brokerage

We have taken a look at the meaning and importance of a reputable platform provider, a legitimate CRM, liquidity provider, payment service provider and your website.

2. Choosing your platform provider

We have answered the questions of approaching a platform provider choice, such as a platform’s application interface availability, limitations, support, modes and features, branding, back office management, community and time to deployment, as well as discussed how the cTrader Suite falls into each one of these categories.

3. Choosing your liquidity provider

Next, we addressed the role of a liquidity provider, their offering, execution speed, feeds’ reliability and price to quality ratio when it comes to making your selection.

4. Choosing a CRM

We took a detailed look at all the components of the customer relationship management software and all the different expectations you may want to keep in mind when picking a reliable CRM for the job. From built-in capabilities to lead and pipeline management, reports, IB programs and a smooth integration process.

5. Choosing a payment service provider

We understood the importance of PSPs, noted factors to look out for when picking the right one for you, and explored how it all comes together with your trading platform for seamless functioning.

6. Creating your website

We covered how your website represents your business, and what it takes for a new broker to stand out in the competitive Fintech industry. From offering, instrument selection, trading conditions and regulation, to SEO, landing pages, branding, offering, design and more.

We hope you have found the information you have been looking for in our articles, and are now more set than ever to kickstart your brokerage business! If you approach all the above selections carefully and combine it with a strong customer service and marketing team - it is of no doubt that you’ll make it in the world of Forex/CFDs.

If you want to open your own brokerage and make cTrader your platform provider of choice, get in touch with our team today!

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