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cTrader Web

A Web based version of cTrader which boasts all of the same charting and trading features as the Windows Desktop version. It’s accessible from any popular browser, on any operating system, including MacOS.

cTrader For Web

cTrader comes equipped with a web version of the online trading platform. cTrader Web offers identical functionality for manual trading and charting to the desktop version of the application, this allows users to trade from a variety of devices and operating systems and access their account from.

Web trading platforms are a fundamental part of running an online brokerage, that’s why cTrader Web is included in the core cTrader package.

Access on Any Device

cTrader Web makes trading accessible on any device. While cTrader for Desktop is a Windows application which must be pre-installed, cTrader Web is accessible from any device that has an HTML5 compatible web browser, which by today’s technology standards, is all of them. By accessing the platform through a browser, your clients can trade from anywhere regardless their laptop or desktops operating system.

Ideal for Mac Users

Apple computers and MacOS are only just becoming mainstream products which are no longer just being used in niche areas of computing. That’s why a lot of emphasis is put on supporting the Safari browser and ensuring that Mac users get the best out of cTrader Web. Mac users do not have many options when it comes to trading platforms, but cTrader Web is a genuine option for them.

cTrader is the ultimate solution cross-device for banks and brokers
to deliver online trading platforms to their clients on any device.

The First HTML5 Platform

cTrader Web was the first online trading application in the e-FX space to take advantage of HTML5. By taking advantage of HTML5, cTrader Web is easy to deploy, distribute to many brokers and many traders.

The application is able to incorporate many other technologies, including JavaScript and CSS to deliver a rich, responsive and seamless experience.

Key Features

cTrader Web offers a number of key benefits for brokers who want to offer an easy to manage and effective to distribute online trading platform.

Popular Browsers Supported

The popular browsers are supported, cTrader Web is tested against Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.


Your cTrader Web will be added to your DNS records and accessible like a subdomain of your website.

Native Web

cTrader is shipped with a native web platform. There is no third party tool which must be purchased and managed.

Branded Web

Like all other cTrader platforms, cTrader Web is brandable and incorporates your logo throughout the application.