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cTrader FIX API

cTrader provides the industry’s standard FIX API trading interface to every trader with their cTrader account, there is no cost, commitment, or administration required to access.

FIX API for Retail Traders

cTrader FIX API has been designed to allow retail traders to trade through FIX messages using their cTrader Accounts. FIX API credentials are generated with every trading account created. Your traders can access their credentials directly from their cTrader platform, be it Desktop or Web. The trading channel features messages that allow traders to receive spot prices with market depth, send all order types (market, stop and limit orders) and monitor positions and order status.

What is FIX API

FIX API is an API based on the FIX protocol and it is used to communicate directly with cTrader Server through FIX messages. It is a protocol designed for exchanging electronic messages for financial information. It is the dominant protocol used for electronic trading. Most of the communication between exchanges, brokers, banks and other financial institutions takes place using FIX.

Offer your traders a FIX API trading interface without additional costs and subsequent requirements for commitments and barriers for users.


cTrader FIX API allows traders to write time critical trading applications by reducing communication latency to the minimum. FIX Protocol has been designed in such a way to minimize the data required for communication between two systems. Therefore applications that require minimum latency can use cTrader FIX API for their needs.


Plenty of support resources are made available to traders looking to use cTrader FIX API.

Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement is a dedicated document intended to serve software developers as an implementation guide for the cTrader FIX API. Rules of Engagement is the reference document for all messages supported in the API and is updated with every revision. Open Rules of Engagement.


Sample projects on how to construct, send and receive FIX API messages are available in Spotware’s github account to help traders and developers get started with their project. Samples are updated with each major change applied in the API. View Samples.


A dedicated category of threads are available for cTrader FIX API in the cTrader Community. Users can discuss FIX API subjects with fellow traders and clarify all their questions with the help of the cTrader community team.  Visit Community Website.

Help Site

A dedicated section for cTrader FIX API is available in the cTrader Help Site. From here users can find a detailed introduction, the latest Rules of Engagement, explanatory articles and additional information on FIX API for those new to the technology. Visit Help Site.