A Cloud-based Solution

cTrader is supported by cServer – the backbone of the tried-and-tested cTrader platform, working behind the scenes to ensure uninterrupted liquidity connections, thorough security and comprehensive backup.

cServer is a complete stack of technologies, combining hardware and software to establish an instantly scalable cloud-based solution, offering sub-millisecond processing and a 100% uptime record.

cServer is scalable to unlimited capacity to keep up with the constant growth of your business.

cTrader Server Features

cServer is a high-performance back-end system, undergoing constant optimization to ensure top support of the entire cTrader solution. Contributing features include:


Strategic location in the Equinix LD5 and NY2 data centers, alongside major liquidity providers, ECNs and aggregators with fiber cross-connects.


Network interfaces are connected to a redundant 10GE network fabric to ensure ultra-low latency and high throughput. Routing occurs via a global proxy cloud, in place to evaluate and correct last mile latency for traders.

Integration & Reporting

Integrate with cTrader using an à la carte menu of API’s with different business responsibilities. All with base in common technologies, such as JSON, PostgreSQL and Google Protocol Buffers.

IBM Blade Tecnology

Built with IBM BladeCenter, where a cluster is formed using VMware vSphere. All blades are connected to IBM Storwize v7000 virtualized storage system over a redundant fibre channel fabric.

Offer a trading platform supported by
a cloud-based solution with 100% uptime record.

cServer Model

This diagram shows the full scope of cTrader’s architecture model.

Order Processing

Created to provide the most advanced trading experience for hundreds of thousands of traders simultaneously,
cServer boasts an impressive capacity for order processing and management.

Straight-Through Processing

Designed from the ground up for STP execution, cServer’s order routing engine has been well optimized for fast and stable communication with multiple counterparties, to ensure the lowest rejection rates possible.


To reduce operating costs, associated with order execution, you can maintain an internal order book, either exclusively or in combination with STP. This forms a hybrid model and vastly improves risk management.

Margin Calculation

Margin is automatically calculated in real-time for every trading account and symbol, where equity is invested according to each new bid and ask tick received. This helps uncover potential risks and missed opportunities.


Only possible with the most advanced technology, asynchronous processing is another one of cServer’s valuable features. Simultaneous processing of orders keeps internal processing to the absolute minimum and ensures no queues or delays.



Security cTrader leads the way in reliability and security standards for retail-focused platforms.
With high-availability servers and robust underlying technologies, one can keep their peace of mind
by delegating platform security responsibilities to Spotware.

Environments are Segregated

Each solution is hosted in an independent environment to protect against any possible disruption from other brokers. This is made possible through the industry’s leading VMware vSphere and Zenoss which, respectively, segregate and monitor each environment.

Data is Protected

Your customers’ personal data is not required to operate trading accounts – only margin-related information is necessary. Anything that is disclosed is subject to strict data protection practices.

Services are Reliable

cServer offers unsurpassed operational reliability, including failover infrastructure, redundant network connectivity, established disaster-recovery methods and reverse-engineering-resistant server components.

Servers are Protected by Proxies

All traffic coming to and from cServer is routed through a proxy cloud, to protect against unauthorized, malicious connections. Additionally, SSL encryption is in place.