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Improve Connectivity Worldwide

The Spotware Proxy Cloud exists to ensure seamless connection between trading platforms and user servers in every continent. The cloud consists of over 40 points of presence in strategic locations around the world, and makes sure your traders securely connect to the best proxy available automatically. Their connection is routed via a proxy, using an enterprise-grade tunneled connection and providing a path directly to the trading server.

Spotware makes it easy to grow internationally and reach your traders locally – with zero additional cost and maintenance effort.

cTrader Proxy Cloud Advantages

Improved Connection

Proxy connection settings allow for easy connectivity from any location, bypassing corporate or public firewalls, which often disrupt trading server connection and cause delays or packet losses.

Faster Downloads

Historical data loading for backtesting and populating charts, as well as application updates and downloads are completed faster than ever. This keeps users engaged in their trading and removes associated bounces.


All trading data is routed via an enterprise-level connectivity solution, to ensure every trader is guaranteed the lowest latency possible, regardless of their broker or location.

Always Growing

cTrader’s connectivity engineers continue to add new points of presence regularly. This persistent optimization ensures brokers and traders receive the lowest latency in the FX & CFD markets.


cTrader Proxy Cloud Features


In addition to improving connectivity, each proxy acts as a layer of security, restricting unauthorized and malicious connections to trading servers and preventing such issues as DDoS attacks.

Best Proxy Algorithm

All trading applications use a dynamic “best proxy algorithm” to ensure traders utilize the fastest available connection, not the closest one. If a better proxy becomes available, cTrader will connect to it automatically.


Proxies can be monitored directly from cBroker. Usage and gauge priorities can be judged by viewing all connected proxies, monitoring online sessions and establishing where each user is connected from.


This solution is responsive to the changing demand for your trading services, be it volume or origin of traffic. This offsets the cost of managing complicated external infrastructure.

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