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cTrader Extensibility

A complete enterprise solution designed for banks, brokers and exchanges to easily integrate cTrader with their existing business management platforms.


Today’s modern businesses rely on a number of different systems and platforms working side by side to compliment one another, because of this cTrader has been designed to be easily integrated in order to seamlessly communicate with any external business management platforms. All services have been well
documented combined with 24/5 assistance from integration specialists to ensure efficient integration and minimal time to market

Common and Open Technologies

cTrader uses common technologies like SOAP, JSON, Postgres and Google Protocol Buffers to allow access to generic developers and platforms using these technologies. No need to hire specialized personnel or sector specific solutions.


Get access to a sandbox environment to integrate and test any of the described components without interfering with Live or Demo environments in use by your traders.

With cTrader you are not limited to technology Spotware provide or approve. Integrate with any CRM or traders-room

Easy Access Data

Your cTrader environments will be full of valuable information for not just your compliance, business and risk analysts but also for sales, retention and marketing teams. Easily extract key metrics about users and their behavior to trigger specific actions like an automated email or a phone call. Your compliance department will have easy access to well structured data to consolidate reports for any jurisdiction.

Integration Methods

Spotware provides three distinct services for you to communicate with your cTrader Server.
Webservices API > Reporting API > Reporting Database

Web Services API

The Web Services API allows you to integrate cTrader with your registration forms, tradersroom and CRM. This is a rich API which supports actions like account creation and management such as group assignment, performing deposits and withdrawals, check and change passwords, request balance, margin, equity and much more. It is a webservice using JSON, a widely used format making the integration process as simple as possible.


cTrader is fast to deploy and easy to
integrate with any established business

Reporting API

The Reporting API is an interface to the server which provides two scopes of data for a wide range of entities. It’s main advantage is receiving realtime events for risk management operations and trading analysis. The reporting API uses Google Protocol Buffers for fast and light communication.


The Snapshots service of the Reporting API can be used to get historical events as a query by each entity either to initially populate your own database locally or to retrieve missed events.


The Events service of the Reporting API is used to receive a real-time stream of every event which occurs. Once the events are received they can be parsed to build your own reporting facilities according to your business needs.