cBroker Account Administration

cBroker is an adaptable application, designed for brokers to administer everything in relation to their cTrader environment.

You can expect complete, real-time access to all accounts in your books, including trading activity and history, margin information, balance information, personal details and account settings – all in one single space, to make your work even more efficient.

cBroker is a premium business management solution, relied on
by over 100+ brokers, so you can be certain that it’s got exactly what you need.

Account Information

Quick and easy access to account information. cBroker provides the option of saving personal details associated with an account, such as name, contact information, address and ID number. Storing these personal details on the platform is entirely optional. You can also view all applied settings, registration time, and the last login time of each account.


One individual can have several trading accounts. Each of these accounts will be linked to their cTrader ID, which you can see from cBroker, distinguishing the account user on-the-spot. You can also move accounts from one user to another, and match newly-created accounts to specific users by assigning them to their cTrader ID. This user functionality is the foundation of cTrader CRM and Marketing Suite.

French Accounts

As per a circular, published by the AMF on the 10th of January 2017, brokers need to offer certain risk protection to investors, otherwise they are prohibited from marketing their services to retail investors in France, despite cross- border agreements. Because of this, cTrader features French (AMF Compliant) Accounts. French accounts offer mandatory protection features, designed to limit investor risk in line with published requirements.

Islamic Accounts

cTrader comes equipped with Shariah-Compliant, swap-free accounts, which enable brokers to onboard Islamic investors. The Shariah-Compliant Account meets all the requirements of Shariah law, and the principles articulated for “Islamic Finance”. For potential swap arbitrage protection, you have the option to charge an administrative fee (after a fixed grace period) for accounts that have this option enabled.

A trading platform that supports unlimited accounts, backed by an intuitive
administration tool, bringing simplicity to managing a high volume of users.

Access Rights

With a variety of access rights available for trading accounts, you can manage what an account can do on cTrader at any given moment. These settings can be applied with immediate effect. Available access rights include:

Full Access

The trader has no limitations on their trading account.

Close Only

The trader can close positions, but can’t create new ones, or increase existing positions.

Trading Disabled

The trader can sign into the platform in a view-only mode, meaning that no trading actions can be performed.

Login Disabled

The trader cannot sign into the platform.

Account Currencies

cTrader allows you to accept any, and as many, account deposit currencies, as you wish to offer. The account currency can be selected at the creation of the trading account, and can be changed up until the first deposit has been made.


Give completely risk-free bonuses to your traders. cTrader’s smart logic ensures bonuses of any size cannot be manipulated by your traders. Bonuses can be converted into balance, according to group settings. All details of the bonus and the conversion strategy are displayed in cTrader, for user observation.

Password Management

Passwords can be both – checked and changed manually, through cBroker. Password check lets you confirm your clients’ credentials over the phone, prior to releasing any sensitive account information to them. You can change a client’s password upon their request at any time.

Phone Trading

Phone trading allows you to launch cTrader for any trading account, and trade on behalf of your client, using his account. Execute your client’s instructions at any moment, using cTrader’s phone trading feature. All operations performed while in phone-trading mode are identified for your traders to know the origin of those changes within their account.


In cBroker, unlimited groups can be created and used to organize accounts, for administrative or business reasons. By using flexible grouping functionality, you are able to apply different trading, symbol, fee and risk management settings to each group. All reports in cBroker can additionally be filtered by group.

Email Statements

Choose to send end-of-day email statements to your clients, and feel free to configure them and select the sending time on a per account basis. These email statements inform the user of any trading events, which occurred in their account for the respective day, as well as of their end-of-day balance and margin.

Demo Accounts

Configure the lifetime of your demo accounts. As a demo account reaches expiry, an automatic email will be sent, in order to remind the user to either log in to keep the account active, or to simply open a live account.