Effective Symbol Management

cBroker allows you to calibrate your trading environment to be exactly as you want it. There is nothing that can’t be tweaked or adjusted to align cTrader with your marketing, risk and revenue management objectives.

You can effectively manage thousands of markets with the option to configure trading sessions and session intervals, promote popular markets, customize symbol names, translations and asset classes, as well as color code, add search tags, edit your historical trend-bar data, or even upload that of your own.

Range of Markets

cTrader supports an unlimited number of symbols for Spot Forex and CFD trading. This allows you to provide trading instruments for Forex, metals, energies, indices, equities, iShares, exchange-traded funds and more.

Price Settings

As an off-the-shelf trading platform solution, cTrader has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of business and price models. That’s why cBroker supports a wide range of fee structures to manage your revenues appropriately.

Markup and Price Streams

Markup can be added to the bid and ask price of each symbol, and can be configured on two levels for maximum flexibility. On the symbol level, markup can be set universally. By using the Price Streams, symbol markup profiles can be created and assigned to specific groups, allowing you to configure different pricing strategies for each group of clients.

Relative Markup

Relative Markup is a feature of Price Streams. Instead of using a definitive markup rate, which is applied in points, markup can be set as a percentage of the symbol’s price. Markup is calculated and adjusted with each new quote received. This feature prevents frequent changes to market settings, which move dramatically in a short span of time.


Apply trading commissions on a per group, per symbol basis for extreme granularity. Choose not only the amount of commissions that will be charged, but also how they will be charged. For reference, commissions can be charged per million USD, per lot, or as a percentage of the notional volume of the position. Apply a minimum commission per order and charge for that commission in USD or quote currency.

Dividend Payments

Complement your Stock CFD offering with automatic dividend payments. Configure date, time and value paid for each share, with the option of different rates for long and short positions. Dividends are paid or collected in the form of deposit or withdrawal, referencing the position they relate to. You can also conveniently upload dividend settings from CSV files.


Overnight swaps can be applied for long and short positions. Time swaps charged can be chosen, as can 3-day swaps. Like most settings, swaps are configured on a per group, per symbol basis. If updating swaps is a routine task for your organization, don’t worry, swap rates can be easily adjusted by uploading an excel file and transferring the updated information to all groups in a matter of minutes.

Admin Fees

Alongside swaps, admin fees can be applied and used for trading accounts marked as Shariah Compliant Swap Free Accounts. Admin fees are set and charged as USD per lot. Additionally, a period of days where the admin fee is not charged, known as the grace period, can be set. This information is advertised to users with this account type directly in cTrader.


Symbol Promotion

As a broker, you can choose exactly how symbols are displayed to traders on your cTrader platform,
helping you personalize and promote your product offering.

Symbol Grouping

You can create asset classes and sub-categories to organize your symbols in cTrader. These sub-categories can be color-coded, and the order in which symbols are listed can be sorted in alphabetical order, as well as customized to your liking.

Symbol Discovery

Symbol identity can be modified to help your clients discover each one of them. This includes name, description and search tags. All of these properties make it easier for traders to find a symbol, using cTrader’s Symbol Finder search functionality.

Popular Markets

You can promote selected symbols in the Popular Markets section of cTrader. These symbols will be shown in the first section of the Symbol Finder to every client, on every device. This feature helps you emphasize your multi-asset offering, and promote new additions to your product line.

Symbol Translation

Override cTrader’s default translations and add your own. Use the Symbol Translation feature to help localize the platform and improve translations. You can also have the platform show symbol names in English, regardless of your users’ language preference settings.