Make your impression on the crypto exchange world with a solution, guaranteed to outperform and outpace even the most mature exchanges.

Complete Crypto Exchange Solution

Launch your own cryptocurrency exchange with an industry-leading solution, provided by a company with almost a decade of experience in building ultra-scalable systems for a variety of niches in the capital markets space. cXchange is fully customizable and white labeled, boasting a variety of settings to tailor your own digital asset exchange.

Get the most advanced solution to
enter the cryptocurrency market


Start your cryptocurrency exchange with a product, based on a battle-tested and time-proven solution,
currently used by millions of traders and over 80 financial institutions worldwide.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We are the first in the market to deliver a premium quality product that satisfies an increasing demand for a reliable and stable cryptocurrency exchange platform. This solution will add value to new and existing businesses, offering a digital asset exchange service.

Fast Time to Market

Fast to deploy and easy to integrate, cXchange allows you to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange, and to effortlessly enter the most innovative and lucrative industry, set to irreversibly change our lives.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

You will get a crypto exchange platform that already has everything you need. Packed with all the necessary functionalities, and dozens of added-value features, this product is designed for any crypto exchange operator to run 24/7 without interruption.

Ease of Use

cXchange is the most user-friendly platform you will find on the market. Intuitive controls and smart designs greatly improve usability, and enhance user experience. Thus, your clients start trading sooner, granting you higher conversion and better retention.

Robust and Scalable Architecture

Thanks to the ultra-scalable nature of the product, cXchange is able to adapt to an increased workload, and fulfill your growing operational demands with no loss on performance or efficiency. cXchange is ready to grow together with your business.

Security at Core

cXchange is protected from all potential threats and attacks, ensuring funds are kept safe. The solution employs the most advanced security controls, powerful encryption algorithms, robust technologies and fine practices.

Tailored to Your Needs

A flexible solution that offers any assets, features or settings. The possibilities are endless.

Blockchain Integration

An integration with real blockchains for deposits and withdrawals, makes complete transparency available to your clients by referencing official explorers in transaction confirmations.

Tokens + ICOs

List many different ERC-20 Tokens and completed ICO projects from an à la carte menu of the dozens available, at your discretion and no extra cost.

Fiat Trading Pairs

Offer fiat trading pairs with cXchange, whether the pair is Crypto vs Fiat or Fiat vs Fiat. Deposits and withdrawals are possible through the integration of payment processors, e-wallets or wire transfers.

Build Your Own Partnerships

Hand-pick your own market makers and liquidity providers, and set your own terms for getting the liquidity for your exchange.

Get the most advanced solution to
enter the cryptocurrency market

Add-on Features

Optional add-ons are available to extend the core functionality of cXchange cryptocurrency exchange.
These native modules help you get to market faster with sophisticated solutions
that support your business processes.

Issue Your Own White Labels

cXchange allows you to issue your own white labels to partners. This gives you one more channel to grow your trading volumes and revenues, by offering our cutting-edge crypto exchange platform to smaller exchanges, partners or clients.

Referral Program

Leverage a referral program, created to accelerate growth. The program is highly customizable on a per user basis, and supports ranks for increasing payment to high-performers. Referral links and reporting are available inside the trading platform.

Dynamic Fee Discount

Build a discount structure on your exchange fees to entice your clients to trade higher volumes for larger discounts on them. Discounts are fully dynamic, and based on the previous 30 days trading volume.

Live Chat

A native customer chat feature enables your sales, back-office and support agents to communicate with your traders through all applications. Messages are delivered in real-time as push notifications, emails, and directly in the app.

Back Office

cXchange equips you with an advanced admin platform, containing everything you need to manage the trading environment successfully.

Set and review maker and taker fees, as well as dynamic fee discounts, configurable for different groups of clients.

Insert minimum and maximum ticket sizes, as well as ticket size increments for all pairs, on a per group basis.

Configure a scheme to flag unusual withdrawals, and subject them to a peer review system, depending on velocity and volume.

Enable and disable trading for each pair on-the-fly. Easily discover trading abnormalities, thanks to an informative platform.

What You Get From Spotware

We are trading platform specialists, with a proven track record of success in building ultra-scalable,
high performance trading systems, across different verticals in the capital markets space.

Reliable Provider

Spotware products are used and trusted by millions of traders, as well as over 80 businesses worldwide. We strive to constantly exceed the expectations of our clients.

Regular Updates

Development doesn’t stop when your exchange is delivered. The features you need, and your clients’ wants, change over time. That’s why we never stop working on new features.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team of engineers is on hand 24/7, to ensure smooth operation of your cryptocurrency exchange. All matters are investigated thoroughly, and dealt with promptly.

Premium Customer Service

We will provide you with extensive support, resources and training, and resolve any issues before they become a threat, to prevent any reputational harm.

Great Features in One App

A great exchange is not only about the underlying technologies. What’s on the surface is just as important as what’s underneath. The cXchange platform is how your clients interact with your brand, and this is where Spotware beats any alternative solution.
Intuitive Apps

Mobile applications have been designed using native design patterns and controls, to ensure the platform is familiar to the user from the moment they launch the app.

Advanced Order Types

cXchange offers a wide range of popular order types, including Market Order, Limit Order, Stop Order and Stop Limit Order, as well as the Market Range feature.

Charting and Technical Analysis

cXchange comes with more than 60 technical analysis indicators, available from responsive charts. These provide users with vital information for effective trading.

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