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Leadership Team

Spotware’s strong leadership team have directed the company to its many accomplishments over the years and have been responsible for creating hundreds of job opportunities along the way as the company has grown to over 120 people.

Key Personnel

Andrey Pavlov

Founder and President

Prior to starting Spotware, Andrey spent over 10 years at NatWest, Citi, Alfabank and EBRD. Following which he turned entrepreneur specializing in fintech and trading solutions. Andrey has taken multiple successful exits in the fund management, hosting and liquidity aggregation sectors. In 2010, he has founded Spotware, taking the position of its CEO until 2018. During this time, he devoted 100% of his time to Spotware and cTrader, the two brands he has been eternally passionate about. Andrey built cTrader to fill a gap in the market which needed a trader focused, STP trading platform instead of numerous workarounds for the legacy product which dominated the market. Today, cTrader is the most current and complete online trading platform available to banks, brokers and exchanges.

Alexander Shulman


Alexander Shulman has a vast experience in managing software development. With a strong background in engineering, product management and mobile software development, he has been successfully operating in Fintech and IT industry since 2006. In 2015, he has joined Spotware as a Product Development Manager soon becoming the Head of Client Side Development. With a main focus on overseeing products development and ensuring their quality, he has gained an in-depth product knowledge and understanding of user experience. In 2018, Alexander has been appointed as a CEO of the company.

James Glyde

Chief Commercial Officer

Coming from a logistics and supply chain background, James is an instinctive problem solver, having joined Spotware as a Business Development Manager in December 2014 he found himself immersed in the activity of solving problems for clients through the cTrader solution. James is focused on delivering outstanding customer experiences, making sure their feedback reflects product roadmaps. His key responsibility is to both sustain and increase the company’s revenues, in order to achieve this he oversees the company’s sales, marketing and communication efforts in all respects.

Alex Avanesov

Head of Network Operations

Alex has been managing Spotware’s network operations since March 2012. He played a key role in helping the company scale over the years and ensuring flawless connectivity and data distribution to traders worldwide. Today, Alex manages the day to day operations of the company’s physical hardware and global infrastructure. Alex joined Spotware after 10 years as a senior and engineer and later the network operations manager at PrimeTel PLC, a leading telecommunications provider in Cyprus

Elena Krachok

Head of Human Resources

Elena’s background is public relations and marketing of technology products, this made her ideal for the company’s recruitment needs. She specializes in promoting and upselling the company to the best of the best in their respective field and helps Spotware to acquire its top talent. Elena takes care of all employee welfare issues by using her natural instincts and her team to help and care for our valuable team members. Elena manages a team of 5 who collectively manage the company’s human resources needs.

Panagiotis Charalampous

Head of Community Management

Panagiotis has over 10 years experience in software development, specializing in c# and Microsoft technologies, these skills matched with his part-time trading experience made him an ideal candidate to be Spotware’s Community Manager. He helps tens of thousands of robot developers using c# to build their automated strategies. He is responsible for the development and growth of cTrader Community. Helping traders embrace cTrader products and expand their knowledge by realizing the platform’s potential.

Alexander Geralis

Chief Product Officer of cXchange

Alexander oversees the development of cXchange and raises its awareness on the international arena. He ensures cXchange meets the same high as all Spotware products and becomes an integral part of the clients’ success. Being a professional trader himself, Alexander has been trading cryptocurrencies, as well as physical commodities in the marine fuel sector for a number of years. He has been providing his market analysis for the oil and gas sector and was a regular contributor for Cointelegraph. This collective experience in the sphere of trading and understanding of traders’ needs is here to assist partners in launching their own leading exchanges.