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Why Spotware

There are many compelling reasons for why you would want to work at Spotware. Take your pick from an extensive and well justified list.

We Make it Great

We know our employees are the backbone of our success and that companies without an upbeat working environment struggle to progress. That’s why we endeavour to provide a remarkable working atmosphere which designed to foster a collaborative and supportive environment which boosts productivity, output and most importantly, the quality of our products and services.

What We Offer

As a Spotware employee, this is what you can expect when working with us.

Health Insurance

Spotware believes in healthy, happy individuals and therefore premium health insurance coverage is offered to all employees and their families as a commitment to their well being and peace of mind. Insurance covers all manner of medical treatments and prescriptions.

The Newest Technologies

Be part of a leading Fintech company which specializes in the online trading industry, which is a technically advanced sphere that requires highly experienced project managers and technical teams. Spotware follows and adopts the newest technologies to create the most advanced solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

A Team of Professionals

Work with a team made of professionals and experts from all around the world who relocate to be part of something special. Working closely with each of the members will give you a great opportunity to learn and grow as an individual in a lucrative industry.

Relocation Assistance

Complete relocation assistance is offered, including travel arrangements, help in finding suitable accommodation, setting up your first bank account and taking care of any necessary immigration and legal status arrangements.

Income Tax Exemption

Individuals commencing employment for the first time within the Republic of Cyprus are entitled to a 20% tax exemption on their salary for the first five years. This is in addition to Cyprus already having one the lowest income tax rates in Europe.

Break Time

Little things do matter, and that’s why the office is equipped with fully a stocked fridge and different entertainment games to give a breather to hardworking employees. Table-football, air-hockey, table-tennis and gaming consoles are all available for a quick timeout.

Corporate Events

At the end of a hard week, we host a cocktail night for all employees and their families to join, interact, become friends and part of the company community. Enjoy beers, wines, finger food and snacks, served immediately after work each and every Friday.

Great Location

Enjoy the scenery working from an office with both a sea and mountain view. The office is amongst a residential area with many opportunities to find an apartment or house just minutes from the beach and many of the most popular bars and restaurants of Limassol.

How We Work

At Spotware we implement a mature and lightweight approach to agile software development,
This helps you to deliver applications of the highest level of quality and performance.

Necessarily Innovative

Teams participate in frequent retrospective meetings where all
members are encouraged to discuss ideas for improving productivity and output. This is essential to create solutions for an industry requiring constant adaptation.

Experienced Product Owners

You will be working closely with Product Owners to ship new releases in comfortable and frequent timeframes. Product Owners will always be available, sharing your working space for accessibility and collaboration.

Agile Right Done Right

Working alongside experts in Extreme Programming and Scrum, you will experience all the benefits connected with Test-Driven Development, Pair Programming and Continuous Integration.

Planning Poker

Planning poker is used for regular iteration planning and for gauging release time estimates. This helps to minimize anchoring by collecting and aggregating individual estimations which are free of peer influence.

Informative Workspaces

Informative workspaces provide up-to-the minute information on tasks and issues involving you and your team. This accelerates information exchange and makes it possible to position yourself in the whole process by simply looking around your workspace.

Collective Code Ownership

Strong support for collective code ownership and encouragement to contribute new ideas for any segment of any project. Inputs and interventions are always welcome wherever it is seen suitable and into any aspect of code structure and design.