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Comprehensive Management Application

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cBroker is Spotware's comprehensive management and administrative tool for brokers and financial institutions.

Markups, symbols, liquidity, ticket sizes, trader accounts, broker management and everything else associated with the Spotware service can be set and adjusted from cBroker.

Live Accounts View

cBroker gives you complete, real-time access to all accounts in your books, including trading activity, personal details and account information.

Monitor and print reports on all financial transactions, including deposits /withdrawals and positions / orders – enabling a detailed live account view which can improve customer service and risk management.

Access Rights

Apply different access rights for different departments and personnel within your organization

cBroker lets you set permission rights based on organizational occupation. Example: a group of cBroker accounts can be blocked from viewing open positions and risk exposure, while another group may have that access but be prevented from making modifications to trading hours.

Group Clients

cBroker allows you to easily group different clients into different customer segments for marketing and management purposes.

Different margin level, ticket size and commission settings can be applied to each group, with no limit on the number of groups that can be created.

Manage Trading Sessions

cBroker allows you to manage tradable and non-tradable hours of the week with exact specificity, meaning you can tailor your solution to your LP setup or client needs.

Real-Time Exposure

Risk exposure is shown in real-time from cBroker’s Exposure application.

Exposures can also be extracted to excel and any other database and reports management software, with live calculations and exposures updated in real-time in your third party software, giving you the ability to run powerful reports and match exposures between different books and platforms.

Manage Symbols

Brokers can manage and stream as many currency pairs as they receive liquidity for, and can stream prices for multiple liquidity providers for each.

Bid and ask markups and swaps can also be set independently for each.

Ease of Integration

cBroker is easily integrated into any risk management or existing back office systems, so brokers don’t need to overhaul current processes for implementation, with complete API documentation provided for simple integration with corporate systems (such as CRM).

Fast Account Management

Change account details and carry out risk management in a few clicks with cBroker’s easy to navigate, easy to use broker management system.

No Limitations

cBroker places no restrictions on any part of your service offering. Limitless open positions, limit accounts, manager accounts, symbols and trader groups make cBroker flexible, scalable and instantly adjustable to adapt to changing broker needs.