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Why Work at Spotware

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At Spotware you can thrive in a high-energy working environment with outstanding opportunities for growth, endless skill-building possibilities and the chance to create and innovate at the front lines of a rapidly expanding industry.

  • Challenge Yourself, Change an Industry
    Our industry has thousands of challenges to solve. We find it exciting to work on some of the most fascinating and difficult problems in currency trading, making a positive difference to thousands of traders and millions of transactions every day. Your input goes a long way towards transforming an industry.
  • Health Insurance
    Employment benefits include premium health insurance coverage – part of our commitment to employee health and wellbeing. Because we understand that healthy, happy individuals are also more productive.
  • Relocation Assistance
    If you’re joining us from abroad, Spotware offers complete relocation assistance, including help in finding suitable accommodation, setting up your first bank account, and taking care of any necessary immigration and legal status arrangements.
  • Income Tax Exemption
    Any individual commencing employment for the first time within the Republic of Cyprus is entitled to an additional tax exemption of 20% of their remuneration from employment. This entitlement applies to any individual who was not previously resident within the Republic prior to commencing employment, with a maximum exemption of EUR8,550 per calendar year. This exemption applies for a period of three years, from January 1st of the year following commencement of employment.
  • Culture and Community
    We adopt a freedom and responsibility philosophy for a comfortable yet highly motivational working environment.
  • Our Most Valuable Assets...
    Are our employees. Spotware System's strong focus on employee retention means we're attentive to the needs of our employees, and we're always adapting and improving conditions and benefits in line with developing social and economic trends.
  • Perks
    Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. The foosball table, air-hockey table, billiards and gaming console provide a quick time-out from heavy coding sessions, while Limassol’s beachfront is ideal for a relaxing breather away from a demanding day’s work at our Cyprus offices.

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