Myfxbook AutoTrade Social Trading Integrates with cTrader

Jul 16, 2013

Myfxbook announces the completion of their integration with the cTrader platform following massive demand from their community of traders. Now cTrader users can enjoy the full range of features Myfxbook has to offer, this includes their popular AutoTrader social trading service.Other popular features available from Myfxbook include trading strategy analysis and the creation of strategy profiles for users to share their performance with other traders, either to promote themselves as a money manager or to seek feedback and share trading ideas.

About Myfxbook

Their aim was to create a professional community for traders, where performance is transparent and audited, and the learning process of trading is simplified, with the intention to help both novice traders and seasoned traders alike. They have created a unique platform for collaboration and idea sharing. More details on the subject can be found in Myfxbooks blog post: