How to Get More Investors in cTrader Copy

Feb 19, 2019

Finding and attracting Investors to follow their strategy is a common struggle that many IBs, PAMM managers and other Strategy Providers face. However, copy trading and investment platform, such as cTrader Copy, solves this issue by equipping Strategy Providers with the promotional tools and features that can help them reach their goals. Knowing that, a well-known forex trading source, Forex-Ratings, has published an article proposing 5 Ways to Get More Investors to Copy Your Strategy in cTrader Copy, which are:

  1. Choose Platform with a Cross Broker Feature

2.Be the Best to Get in the Top List

  1. Write an Engaging Strategy Description

  2. Share Your Strategy on Different Sources

  3. Create a Website with Your Strategy

Bonus: Offer Your Strategy as Exclusive

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