cTrader Welcomes PipFarm to its Growing Family of Proprietary Trading Firms

Apr 15, 2024

In a move that underscores the growing appeal of the cTrader platform among proprietary trading firms, cTrader has announced its latest strategic partnership with PipFarm, a new but rapidly emerging name in the world of finance. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both entities and highlights cTrader's expanding influence in the proprietary trading sector.

PipFarm is led by James Glyde, a former key player within the cTrader team. We credit James with the platform’s early adoption among some of our largest clients today, a testament to his expertise and the potential benefits of our partnership with PipFarm. He brings a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of what traders need to succeed in today's volatile markets.

“It’s been a pleasure working with James again, this time from a completely different perspective. We all wish him the best of luck in maximising cTrader for his ambitious agenda,” commented Ilia Iarovitcyn, the CEO of Spotware Systems.

“When I hired James over a decade ago, I knew he would go far. As a founder, it is a true privilege to see a colleague become a client; I can’t wait to see what he builds with PipFarm,” shared Andrey Pavloff, Founder of Spotware Systems.

cTrader's popularity among proprietary trading firms is on the rise, a trend that speaks volumes about the platform's reliability and continuous enhancements delivered to meet the evolving needs of traders. Proprietary trading firms are increasingly looking for platforms that can offer not just a wide range of features for traders but also stable and well-documented APIs, transparent execution and scalability.