cTrader Web 3.4 Offers Pencil Tool & Line Study Extension

Nov 25, 2019

The new cTrader Web 3.4 release comes equipped with further tools for an elevated user experience. In particular, the Pencil Tool and fresh extensions of the Line Study Tools ensure brokers can provide their traders with even more analytical flexibility.

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Pencil Tool

Pencil Tool allows traders to draw shapes and objects of their choosing on charts in any chart mode by means of a pen cursor.

Used to free-form draw on, or annotate a chart, the Pencil Tool is not bound to a specific shape like most other drawing tools, and allows one to make notes directly on the chart when setting up a trade, which proves useful for reviewal purposes.

Line Study Tools’ Upgrade

The introduction of new Line Study Tools offers more trader convenience and a personalized aspect to the toolset. Among the provided options, new additions include: Color Picker with opacity settings and Line Thickness Selector.

New options can be accessed through the Line Study Toolbar or object settings, which are unfolded by means of a left-click on the object in question.

Trading Central Targets

The Active Symbol Panel’s Trading Central window has now further gained Trading Central Targets. As of now, one can not only trade directly from the panel, switch intraday and short-term trading modes, open the chart and gain insights by unfolding the “See more”, but also use Targets for decision making.


Additionally, two new hotkeys have been added for further ease of operation.

  • Ctrl + F - to switch between Watchlists and Finder
  • Ctrl + Drag - to duplicate an object

The version also comprises a series of bug fixes and performance improvements.

cTrader Copy 3.4 Updates

Further, the new release includes a selection cTrader Copy updates, tailored for intuitive platform operation.

Date of Copying Start

The Details section of Copy Trading Account has been updated to include date and time of copying start. This way, users can easily track when performance and management fees will be charged.

Add & Remove All Funds to/from Copying account

The Add Funds dialog and Remove Funds dialog have been modified to include an Add/Remove All Funds option. This way, all available funds can now be added or removed with a click of a button, instead of manual number insertion, simplifying the procedure and saving user time.

The new cTrader Web 3.4 will be released to all brokers in the nearest future. In the meantime, you can try the new features out on beta.

Launch cTrader Web 3.4 Beta