cTrader is Now Integrated with FXCubic Liquidity Engine

Jun 28, 2018

We have established one more strategic partnership by integrating cTrader with FXCubic Liquidity Engine, which offers a connection to the industry-leading liquidity providers. The innovative technology used in FXCubic Liquidity Engine benefits both, brokers and traders, by offering unique trading opportunities and enhancing the overall trading experience. It helps brokers maximize their profits, automate daily tasks and manage their risks more efficiently. With our aim to provide traders with the best trading platform in the market, cTrader now offers even more aggregation and execution options, which give a possibility to traders to catch more opportunities by trading with many participants using FIX API. As you may know, cTrader is already integrated with several liquidity aggregators, such as Prime XM, Integral, and smartTrade among others, as well as dozens of other renowned providers and applications including CRM’s, payment service providers, liquidity providers, data providers, and user engagement & analytics services. View All cTrader Integrations and Liquidity Aggregators