cTrader Integrates Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge

Oct 24, 2023

Brokeree Solutions–an international technology provider for multi-asset brokers–announced the integration of its flagship liquidity management solution–multi-platform Liquidity Bridge–with the cTrader trading platform developed by Spotware. From now on, all cTrader-based brokers can access the turnkey technology to enhance their trading ecosystem.

Spotware is a 12+ year-old fintech provider with the idea of Traders First™ at its core. Spotware’s cTrader is a true STP/ECN trading platform appreciated by 4 million+ traders and 100+ brokers worldwide. cTrader fully acknowledges the importance of liquidity for brokers and their traders. From increasing trading activity to reducing spreads–it is a valid factor for all market players. This is why the cTrader platform is integrated with a wide range of leading liquidity providers.

Over the decade, Brokeree Solutions has been developing solutions tailored for large-scale trading infrastructures, including multi- and cross- server products such as its flagship Social Trading and PAMM. In summer 2023, Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge became the company’s first multi-platform technology. The recent integration of Liquidity Bridge with cTrader makes this technology available for more brokerages, solidifying the company's commitment to assist multi-asset brokerages all over the world by providing them with robust and reliable solutions.

With this integration, Brokeree Solutions technology becomes available for cTrader brokers for the first time. Now brokers can access and enhance their trading infrastructure with the robust order execution core of Liquidity Bridge. The forthright nature of implementation guarantees a swift integration process once all components are in place, eliminating the necessity for supplementary development or bespoke adjustments tailored to individual brokers.

Spotware’s CEO Ilia Iarovitcyn commented: “We at Spotware are proud to say that we consider the liquidity needs of our broker clients a priority and we are hence keen on offering a large number of liquidity provider integrations. We are working to expand our liquidity partnerships further and we look forward to a prosperous union with Brokeree Solutions.”