cTrader for Windows and Web Updates,October 2014

Oct 20, 2014

Detach TradeWatch tabs

You can detach TradeWatch tabs, so as to see their content in a new window by dragging them out of TradeWatch.


Now you can use Optimization for determining the best parameters to use in your cBot. Right-click on a cBot in cBots tab and choose "Optimize". Find more information.

Equity Cloud

You can see the account's previous minimum and maximum equity along with balance in the performance tab.

Load and Save Parameters

We have added an ability to load and save cBot parameters.

Risk Alert notification

Get notified when you place a Take Profit on your Position without placing a Stop Loss.

Reverse / Double / Advanced Protection buttons in Position Line

You can now use the Reverse, Double and Advanced Protection buttons inside a chart. You can find the buttons in an expanded position line.

New Order Buttons

You can now find new, conveniently placed, orders buttons in MarketWatch and TradeWatch.

Context menu to open new chart in TradeWatch

You can right-click a Position / Order or History line and find the option to open a new chart.

Advanced Protection button in i-windows

You can find an Advanced Protection button, inside the Position's information window.