cTrader for Windows and Web Updates, April 2012

Apr 01, 2012

Custom Period Account StatementsStatements of your trading and transaction history can now be generated for a particular time period.1. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the Statement button in the History tab.

  1. Select from a list of predefined time periods (Current Month, Last 3 Months, etc.) or define your own custom time period.

Your statements will be generated as an html file and the folder location will be opened as usual. Vertical Chart ScalingTo vertically scale your chart, click anywhere within the Y-axis of a chart and drag upwards or downwards. Double click anywhere on the Y axis to reset the chart to its default scale. Highlighting Positions in Charts and TradeWatchMoving your mouse over a position or order entry in TradeWatch will highlight the corresponding lines on your chart – and vice versa – moving your mouse over a position or order line on your chart will highlight the corresponding position/order in TradeWatch. New Detach Chart ButtonCharts can be detached by right-clicking within the chart and selecting Detach Chart, or by clicking the detach icon from the window. Keyboard ShortcutsA full list of keyboard shortcuts can be accessed by clicking the Keyboard icon in the Quick Links toolbar. More details in account listThe accounts list now shows more details next to each account: Leverage, Type (Demo or Live) and Currency. Slow Connection Removes Market DepthWhen cTrader detects that your internet connection is slow, you will be unsubscribed from all depth of market information for all currency pairs. You can quickly resubscribe to specific currency pairs' depth by clicking Resubscribe. cTrader will automatically resubscribe to depth of market for all currency pairs when your connection returns to normal speeds.