cTrader Desktop 4.6 Introduces cBots Fault Tolerance, New Methods in Automate API and Backtest Improvements

Jan 25, 2023

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the brand-new version of cTrader Desktop 4.6, which comes with various valuable updates to cTrader Automate, as well as multiple convenience perks for manual trading.

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Enjoy Uninterrupted Operations with Fault Tolerance of cBots

A cBot will now continue running even if an unhandled exception occurs. Additionally, algo developers can now handle such errors using a new "OnException" method in Automate API. Find out more in our Help Center.

Customise Mouse Wheel Actions

Users can now choose the preferred action for the mouse wheel on charts: zoom in/out or scroll.

Use Local Storage

Local storage is a convenient way to save data on a user’s computer without requesting full access, even if cBots and indicators stop or start again. Find out more in our Help Center.

Backtest on Renko and Range Charts

Our users requested it, so we did it! Now users can backtest cBots on Renko and range charts.

Calculate Volume Based on Risk

We have added several new Automate API methods to calculate order volume or stop loss distance in pips based on acceptable risk.

Simplify Your Exchange Rate Conversion

The new "Convert()" method in Automate API allows algo developers to effortlessly convert currencies using the latest market rates. This means that algo developers no longer need to manually code the conversion process and can now benefit from an automated solution. Find out more in our Help Center.

Differentiate by Instance ID

Every running cBot and indicator instance now has its own ID that is saved by the system even if cTrader restarts and can be used by developers in algo programming.

Define Color Parameter Type

Developers can now add color parameter types to their algorithms. Users can set up color parameters using the color picker.

Export cBot Optimization Parameters

Algo developers can now save, export and re-use their cBot optimisation settings: an extra time-saving convenience perk.

Backtest on Historical Conversion Rates

Currency conversion in backtesting has become even more precise because it is now based on historical conversion rates.

Download cTrader Desktop 4.6