cTrader China Package with full support for Chinese Brokers

Jun 23, 2015

Spotware Systems announce the expansion of their technology infrastructure to support brokers offering the cTrader Suite to traders in China.Spotware has created a new technology package, which includes a completely new build of the cTrader Suite using a custom Chinese GUI, which launches in Mandarin by default and includes all of the same added value features as the existing cTrader Suite that everyone knows and loves, except with some minor modifications to combat difficulties caused by China's Great Firewall and the blockage of common internet services used by cTrader ID sign-in automation, such as Google & Facebook. Now all cTrader Brokers can take full advantage of this new and lucrative opportunity without compromising any of the added value services Spotware proudly offers to traders throughout the rest of the world. "Now traders in China will face no difficulty in accessing cTrader on any screen or device, cMirror, cAlgo and our many added value services which we continue to develop to complement our already feature rich product suite. All seven trading applications function flawlessly. Our comprehensive solution has been crafted to allow our clients to expand their business with ease. We urge all brokers to contact us to learn more about our solutions." - says James Glyde, Head of Business Development at SpotwareSystems. Spotware has deployed the same highest specification cloud-based solution which forms their product cServer. cServer is used to host the cTrader Suite and was only available from Equinix from London, until recently. cServer is now available in Equinix Hong Kong and New York. Brokers may decide to add the cTrader China Package from any of those locations. Additionally, Spotware has implemented Proxy Cloud infrastructure geographically distributed throughout China and around PRC. The purpose of this is to correct last-mile connectivity, latency and download issues. This allows traders to receive the same lightning-fast execution and unmatched user experience from each and every province in China while allowing brokers to continue operating their cTrader Suite from their existing cServer environment and Live cBroker application. Spotware utilizes local Chinese Content Delivery Networks (CDN's) to correct all download issues as well as use local DNS servers to overcome DNS resolving issues for its web-based platforms. All brokers new cTrader applications will be hosted using a .cn top-level domain and will essentially duplicate the number of trading platforms. "This was a very complex task which took over one year of research and testing. It is a great relief that now we can finally start letting our clients benefit from this totally unique solution. This marks an important milestone in the development of our global presence" - concludes James Glyde.