cMirror for cTrader Goes Live

Feb 03, 2015

cTrader announce today that its highly anticipated mirror-trading platform "cMirror" has now gone live. For the past year, traders around the world were only capable of using the platform in demo mode while it was being thoroughly tested by engineers to ensure the product meets expectation. "I can't thank our dedicated users and my team enough" adds Alex Katsaros, Product manager for cMirror."The feedback we got from our demo users really helped define this product into what we strongly believe is the best mirror trading platform out there. Anyone with a cTrader account can now use cMirror to become a Strategy Provider and profit from other traders that follow their signal, or simply choose and follow successful Strategy Providers from a comprehensive list of strategies, sorted by profitability and other important variables. Users also have many tools at their disposal to deploy advanced risk management when mirroring a strategy, along with complete control over when to start and when to stop following a Strategy Provider." Mr. Katsaros continued: "All cTrader-enabled brokers are co-hosted on Spotware's IBM cloud in Equinix LD5, this allows cMirror to perform with the same ultra-fast execution speeds and low latencies that have become the staple of our cTrader Suite. It also allows cTrader users from different brokers to mirror or provide signals to each other. In a final note from Mr. Katsaros: “cMirror is not limited to just forex trading strategies that can be copied by investors. cTrader is a multi asset class trading platform and strategies can be blended with multiple asset classes, essentially investors can expect to find stock trading strategies. The possibilities are very exciting.” cMirror is a major addition to the cTrader Suite and a product that the company envisioned a long time ago. cMirror is supplied to all clients at no additional cost for banks and brokers. The company's Managing Director stated: "This was a daunting task from the beginning but our teams strongly believed in it from the get-go. cMirror adds another angle to our product suite, expanding our range of products into areas that are in-demand from traders around the world today. Mirror-trading is one of those key areas and cMirror is hands down the most feature-equipped platform out there with unmatched risk management, low-latency execution, analytics and above all, ease of use." Spotware Systems will continue to introduce new products and functionality to its award-winning product suite with a slew of new features and updates scheduled for release within the year. Note to readers: Since the original publishing of this press release, cMirror has been renamed to “cTrader Copy”. To learn more about cTrader Copy (formerly cMirror) visit this page