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cTrader Connect is announced, an Open API for cTrader

Jun 10, 2013

Details have released for cTrader’s upcoming Open API called cTrader Connect. The project will help third-party application developers to easily build their own trading or analysis systems on top of cTrader and integrate existing trading products with the cTrader platform. This new development will allow anyone to integrate with and take advantage of transparent STP forex trading through an API. A company representative at cTrader said “The Open API will allow for the creation and access of API capabilities as they are added. We know that, just like any other software business, we need to be open to third-party integrations. There will be certain times at which users may want extra platform or analytic functionality or to use their own proprietary trading systems, and cTrader Connect is about putting that power in their hands. The company explained that they had 3 main principles in mind when they started this project.

  1. It should be open to any, without conditions of commitment.
  2. It should be simple and user-friendly to everyone.
  3. There should be no legal complications or misconceptions.

The company representative continued, “The Open API should be open to absolutely everybody. You don't need to be a broker or customer of a broker or anything like that, it should be free. We've made it extremely simple to start using, as we want to encourage people to really get going with this." “Once you do get going, cTrader Connect is relatively simple for even novices to grasp, as we want to encourage its uptake and use by the developer community. The API is as simple and user-friendly as a third-party developer application can be." Trading platforms and third-party plugins have been making FX news recently, with platform developers and third-party technology providers often in disagreement over the legality of plugins and platform modifications. Another company representative said that the company wanted to avoid such misunderstandings. "Our terms of service will be as open as possible to encourage use. The important emphasis we want to place on this is that for the first time, a genuine direct-access FX platform will be opened up to creativity, experimentation and new possibilities for the people who care most about FX trading." Learn more about cTrader Connect and the Open trading API here: /ctrader/trading/ctrader-open-api-trading