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Tick Charts Released for cTrader and cAlgo

Jan 01, 2014

Spotware Systems have announced the release of tick charts to their flagship NDD spot-trading platforms, cTrader and cAlgo. While conventional time-based charts plot a new bar or point according to a time-period value, tick-charts create the new bar after a set number of price ticks.Spotware has said that the release coincides with a surge in demand for tick charts from the cTrader user base. Alex Katsaros, Рroduct Manager for cTrader, explained: "This introduction of tick charts to cTrader will let traders scalp the markets at the highest possible level, which is unimaginable for users of competing platforms that don't support tick charts. And we've not only opened the door to new trading and analysis opportunities but responded to one of the most popular feature requests we've had in the last few months. "We use trader feedback and market demand to define our development priorities, so we're excited to finally deliver this highly requested feature." Katsaros also stressed that the new feature can be used with any of cTrader's 4 chart types, saying "Tick charts can be applied to candlesticks, bar charts, line charts, and the newly released dot-chart." Often used by technical traders due to their demonstrable correlation with market liquidity, tick charts have also been released to cAlgo, Spotware's algorithmic trading platform. Sergey Borisov, technical lead for cAlgo, was enthusiastic about its potential impact: "By being able to use tick charts as a periodicity parameter, we're letting cAlgo traders take time out of the equation when creating their strategies, and instead use market volatility and inferred liquidity levels as a base for their code. In the future, we also want to allow our users to reference both tick and price data from a single trading robot." Tick charts in cTrader and cAlgo can be set to draw a new bar at every tick or to display an aggregated view of up to 55 ticks for each bar.