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cTrader for Windows Updates, April 2016

Jan 04, 2016

In this update for cTrader Windows the much anticipated server-side Trailing Stop Loss feature has been added. This allows the feature to work even when the cTrader platform is closed. Also included in this update are two features to boost user experience. Server Trailing StopThe Trailing Stop Loss now resides on the server, it works when cTrader is closed. You can apply it when creating an order. It has also been simplified, please enter the number of pips it should trail the spot price for, and it will move every pip.

New Chart View SettingsYou can now turn off the price axis overlay buttons for "Chartshot" and "Detach Chart". The "Market Sentiment" bar may also be turned on or off from the Viewing Options settings of chart preferences.

New Color SettingsYou can now change the color of the "Bid" and "Ask" lines as well as the position and order lines in the Color Options settings of chart preferences.