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cTrader for Windows and Web Updates, May 2011

May 01, 2011

In response to user feedback, cTrader is issuing the following releases:

  • All chart settings and layouts are saved and appear unchanged upon cTrader client restart. Settings include: indicators, charts, time frames, chart types, layout, zoom level, viewing mode, colors, detached charts, position and objects.
  • Users can now generate statements of their past transactions (Deals) in html using the statement button located in the History station.
  • cTrader has two new viewing layouts, Chart Trading Layout and Charts Only Layout. Users can cycle through layouts by clicking the layout change button on the cTrader preferences menu, or by pressing F11.
  • Chart data is now cached in cTrader's Cache folder. Chart loading times have decreased.
  • Refresh chart option is available when right-clicked on the chart.
  • It's possible to remove a saved account from the account list. To remove an account, mouse over the account on the drop-down list of the accounts bar and click the x button. The account will be removed from the list after a confirmation is provided. Removing the account does not result in the account's deletion. It's still possible for users to log in using a “removed” accounts credentials.
  • Added a "Help F1" main menu option. When F1 is pressed or this option is clicked in the main menu, cTrader help file will appear on the user’s browser.
  • Users can see depth of the market for multiple symbols that are saved in their "Favorites".
  • Minimize button now minimizes detached charts to the taskbar. The x button of a detached chart will attach the chart back to cTrader's main console.

Please continue sending your valuable feedback.