Web Services API Documentation

On this page, you will find documentation and guides for cTrader’s Webservices API for brokers. This information can be saved for future reference but make sure to always check this page for regular revisions.

The Web Services API allows you to integrate cTrader with your registration forms, traders-room and CRM. This is a rich API which supports actions like account creation and management such as group assignment, performing deposits and withdrawals, check and change passwords, request balance, margin, equity and much more. It is a Web Service which uses JSON, it is a widely used format for this type of API and will make the integration process as simple as possible.

Country List

List of ISO country codes used in Web Services. CountryID only supports numbers, otherwise, ERROR will be returned. To make the field “Country” empty, tag countryID should be deleted (an empty value will return ERROR).

Web Services API

This document lists URL, HTTP methods and input/output for each supported operation.