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Building a brokerage firm from scratch typically takes up to 8 months. We accelerate this process to 1 month and organise 80% of the work before your market launch.

You take only one step - contact cTrader.

We will help arrange everything else for you:

1. Provide the premium platform and infrastructure.

2. Guide you towards licensing or registration.

3. Integrate powerful CRM solutions.

4. Connect with credible liquidity aggregators.

Take advantage of our turnkey solution for brokerage startups starting at 8,000 EUR and begin attracting clients immediately.

Focus Solely on Marketing - We Will Arrange Licensing or Registration

Partnering with cTrader, leave the operational concerns to us and concentrate on growing your business. We will connect you with all essential service providers for your brokerage, including our exclusive partner for acquiring a regulatory license. Or you can become a cTrader client after completing registration in a particular jurisdiction.

License or Registration

With deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape, our unique partner will provide ongoing support for you to acquire a license. Alternatively, we will guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary registration.


Obtain exclusive access to dozens of important integrations with cTrader to accelerate your market entry. We will introduce you to ready-to-go CRM solutions, liquidity providers and other crucial suppliers for your brokerage business.

Premium Trading Platform - cTrader

cTrader stands as a featured STP/ECN trading platform appreciated by over 4 million traders and more than 200 brokers globally. We deliver a comprehensive suite for FX and CFD services starting at 8,000 EUR per month, ready within just 5 days. You receive a stunning UI, an integrated social trading platform, advanced instruments for algo trading and rich sharing functionalities. With cross-platform accessibility across Desktop, Web, Mac and Mobile apps, cTrader offers optimal trading experiences.

Unlimited Trading Accounts

cTrader offers an endless number of trading accounts and operations, meaning that your brokerage business never encounters limits on new client acquisition or volume growth.


cTrader guarantees a seamless and secure connection with trading servers due to its world-class infrastructure. You will reach traders with the lowest possible latency without any maintenance costs.

24/5 Support

cTrader provides round-the-clock assistance for any inquiries or issues your brokerage may encounter, available from Monday to Friday. This aligns perfectly with the active trading hours of most financial instruments.

Ecosystem of over 55 Essential Integrations

Achieving all the business integrations for a brokerage startup by yourself can be a time-consuming process. Mistakes in choosing the right partners can prove to be costly and delay your market launch. That is why cTrader shares with you over 55 essential integrations with trusted partners, including licensing or registration services, CRM solutions, liquidity aggregators and many more.

From 4 Weeks

Setup Cost From 3,000 EUR

License or Registration

Brokerage startups find it daunting to navigate the complex regulatory landscape alone. Fortunately, cTrader’s integration solution turns obtaining a regulatory license or registration into a streamlined and hassle-free process.

From 2 Weeks

Setup Cost From 0 EUR


Brokers desperately need a robust CRM system to thrive in the competitive FX market, nurture their client base and streamline operations. cTrader is here to recommend multiple CRM providers and help you complete this integration stage.

From 2 Weeks

Setup Cost From 0 EUR

Liquidity Aggregators

Brokers require a top-tier liquidity partner to ensure the best trading conditions for their clients and enhance trading performance. With access to credible providers who aggregate liquidity into a single pool, cTrader can facilitate this integration for you promptly.

Brokerage CRM Integration to Boost Growth and Efficiency

Spotware has developed a powerful solution to integrate almost any CRM with the cTrader backend. We will guide you through every step of the process, including integrating a payment service provider.

From 14 Days

While the process may appear complex for startup brokers, it is straightforward and familiar to us.

Setup Cost from 0 EUR

The setup fees of our partners start from zero, allowing you to save significantly and achieve swift implementation.

Direct Introduction to Major Liquidity Aggregators

With cTrader, you gain out-of-the-box integration with a wide choice of industry-leading liquidity aggregators.

Setup Cost from 0 EUR
From 2 Weeks
Setup Cost from 0 EUR

Liquidity aggregators consolidate liquidity streams from multiple providers into a single pool to offer brokers better pricing. cTrader provides exclusive access to featured aggregators.

Price Feed

We provide free access to Spotware’s comprehensive price feed, covering forex assets, cryptocurrencies, indices, energies, metals and more. Obtain accurate pricing as soon as you get the cTrader platform and leverage it to build a solid brokerage business.

Open a Brokerage with cTrader

Enter the world of forex brokerage smoothly and effortlessly. Our turnkey integration solution empowers you to bypass tedious and time-consuming procedures, allowing your brokerage startup to focus resources exclusively on marketing. Let us guide you through all the other steps in establishing a trustworthy and successful brokerage firm.


We are always ready to provide versatile support whenever you encounter difficulties on your brokerage journey. Here, some of the most common questions about this offer for startups.

After your initial market research and a business model choice, you need to obtain a regulatory license or registration. Next, set up your technology infrastructure by selecting a trading platform, implementing a CRM system and partnering with liquidity aggregators. cTrader offers a turnkey solution for brokerage startups to organise these operational processes smoothly, allowing you to focus solely on marketing.
Yes, a trading platform is incredibly important for both traders and brokers. cTrader has a convenient UI, integrated social trading, advanced instruments for algo trading and rich sharing features on board. The platform offers ultimate accessibility through its Desktop, Web, Mac and Mobile apps. Brokers choose cTrader because it provides an unlimited number of trading accounts and operations, secure connection to trading servers, the lowest possible latency and committed support.
It is essential to seek legal advice to determine the specific licensing requirements applicable to your brokerage based on your location and business model. In brief, you can either obtain a regulatory license or become a cTrader client upon completing registration in a specific jurisdiction. cTrader is here to assist you by providing access to our unique partners and facilitating your legal procedures. 
One cannot build a successful brokerage business without a robust CRM system that will streamline all client operations. Partnering with credible aggregators who consolidate liquidity streams is another essential service for brokerage firms. cTrader delivers an all-in-one solution for brokerage startups with all essential services included.
With all partnerships and integrations delivered by cTrader, you can start a brokerage in 1 month after contacting us! Usually, it takes brokerage startups up to 8 months to set up these processes on their own.

cTrader by itself provides only a trading platform, but it can also act as an introducer for other essential services and integrations at the request of brokerage startups.