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cTrader Supports Multiple Order Types

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Our comprehensive trading solution supports multiple order types and order feautres:

  • Market orders for simple currency exchange
  • Limit and Stop orders for projected price action
  • Partial fills enabled for prices with insufficient liquidity
  • Trade protection for all trades placed on cTrader

Market Orders

Standard market orders form the basis of FX trading.

Our intuitive GUI allows traders to select an order size, a currency pair, and a trade direction – from multiple areas of the platform, including one or double click trading from the currency chart, so that traders can find the fastest method of order placement that suits their trading style.

Our lightning fast execution speeds mean that trades are opened and closed with almost instant confirmation, provided there is enough liquidity to meet ticket size demand.

Trades are opened based on the best available price – if the liquidity available for the best price is insufficient for the order being requested, the next best price is used to fill the rest of the order, and this continues until the entire order is filled. A VWAP (Volume-weighted average price) price will be displayed in the confirmation message.

Limit Orders & Stop Orders

Limit Orders are available to traders who want to buy or sell a particular currency pair when its rate reaches a specified price.

Traders place the target price and the buy or sell quantity, and an order is automatically created when liquidity for that price becomes available.

If liquidity is available, but is insufficient to meet the total amount requested by the ticket size, the limit order will fill a partial order only.

Partial Fills

Spotware's STP solution provides live liquidity in real time to traders. Partial fills are carried out when liquidity for the target price of a limit order only partially meets  order volume. The order is placed, and the remainder of the order ticket is left unfilled until liquidity for the price again becomes available.

Ticket Sizes

cTrader supports the buying and selling of currency of any volume, with complete ticket size options set by the broker.

Ticket size settings can be applied from cBroker, our back-end system for brokers and banks. Maximum, minimum, and increment / decrement sizes can be applied to different customer groups, with no restriction on the number of groups, allowing you to tailor your service to the needs of different customer segments.


Orders of any type can be secured using stop losses, take profits and order expiry (for limit orders). 

All Currency Pairs Supported

Spotware supports the trading of all currencies provided the broker’s LP.