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NDD Manual Trading

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cTrader takes the best advantages available to major institutional traders and puts them into the hands of e-FX individual and corporate traders:

  • Sub-millisecond execution speeds
  • Level II Pricing
  • DMA (Direct Market Access)
  • Available for desktop, web and mobile

Direct Market Access means no conflict of interest and no risk of interference. Just fast, powerful and reliable FX trading.

No Conflict of Interest

cTrader eliminates the conflict of interest that exists between broker and client. We align client/broker interests and guarantee no interference in trades or liquidity streams, giving traders peace of mind to concentrate on what’s important – trading.

e-FX clients see live executable rates and quantities for each price. Trades are executed at the best price available with no interference.

Fast Execution, No Requotes

Don't let high-latency platform issues delay your market entry and hurt your trades. cTrader's sub-millisecond execution speeds allow you to enter the markets with fast confirmation, enabling you to accurately assess order fill prices by looking down through the liquidity stream.

Our lightning-fast connectivity also means you see the market in its most current state. While other third party platforms can often show prices which are several ticks old, cTrader gives you a real-time, accurate representation of the market.

Market Depth

Level II pricing shows you a ranked list of the best live executable bid and ask prices, as well as the liquidity available for each price, giving you detailed insight into any currency pair.

cTrader has eliminated all the old problems of unfilled orders, slow execution, and platform downtime, and replaced them with lightning fast order execution, no platform downtime and no conflict of interest.