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Flawless Connectivity

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Spotware's Proxy Cloud evaluates and corrects last mile latency issues for brokers and their clients as well as offloading the cost of expensive outside infrastructure.

Best Proxy Algorithm

Our trading applications and proxy cloud network uses our "best proxy algorithm" to ensure traders utilize the fastest connection, not the closest connection.

Better Connection

Our Proxy connection settings allow for easy connectivity from any location, bypassing corporate or public firewalls which can often disrupt connection to trading platform servers and other services.

Always Growing

Our connectivity engineers are always adding new POP connections in global locations which matter most to our clients, ensuring brokers and traders receive the lowest latency in the e-FX market.

Global Reach

By utilizing Spotware's geo-distributed proxy cloud network you can offer lightning fast execution speeds to clients in every continent.


Because of Spotware's Proxy Cloud network all trading data is routed via enterprise level connection ensuring every trader is guaranteed the lowest possible latency regardless of their broker or location.