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About Zoho Integration

With an over 45 million user database and counting, Zoho is one of the most popular CRM systems out there. Boasting such customer names as KPMG, Renault, Amazon or Netflix, it’s all about reaching out to prospects at the right moment and engaging them across multiple channels to provide for a truly impressive conversion rate.


A multitude of platforms, from email and phone to social media, live chat, and more for a global customer reach

Analytics, reports, forecasting and territory management to always maintain control and keep your eye on the bigger picture

Pipeline and process management improvement for ‘flowing’ operation

AI infusion for supreme data analysis, lead/deal prediction, best-time-to-contact generation, as well as intelligent workflow automation

A digital Zia Sales Assistant to extract any data from your CRM, store a new record, or form activity trends (available as Chatbot and Voice)

Document library, calendar, feeds, and many more aspects for organized intra-team task management

Endless customization opportunities, from layouts to API and developer editions

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